The location of Wagner’s mercenaries is given out by a propagandist: huge losses are calculated

One post on the social network said that the headquarters, infrastructure and personnel of the base had been destroyed.

The post is shared by the Telegram channel “Ukraine 365”. “They buried our people here. Everything is gone. Everything turned into ruins,” says the author of the video. The building was left in ruins, and the weapons of the mercenaries were damaged. Recently, Wagner has been actively recruiting potential mercenaries in Russian prisons due to staff shortages.

Prisoners are thrown into the front lines without any preparation, where they die en masse.

“Radio Svoboda” announces that photos from the scene of the attack made it possible to determine where Wagner’s headquarters operated – Mironovsko street no. 12 in Popasna. It is this address that was recorded in the photos that Russian propagandist Sergey Sreda published on the Telegram channel on August 8.

S. Sreda published a photo with the caption “I arrived in Popasna, I stopped by Wagner’s headquarters.” Accepted as his own. Told some great stories.” The post was later removed, but many copies of it remain online. S. Sreda works for a structure associated with Wagner founder Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Ruslan Leviev, founder of the research project “Conflict Intelligence Team”, expressed doubts about what actually happened in Popasna. He draws attention to the age of the “war correspondent” S. Sreda’s publication (August 8) and says that all such “war correspondents” are aware of the risks of “attacks”. The researcher does not rule out that the attack on the Wagner base was provoked by the mercenaries themselves.

R. Leviev expressed the idea that Wagner’s mercenaries, provoking the use of HIMARS, had the goal of damaging this missile system with a retaliatory strike and profiting from it.

It is estimated that more than a hundred Russian soldiers may have died during the Ukrainian attack on the Wagner base in Popasna.

Serhijus Haidajus, the head of the Luhansk military administration, announced this.

According to him, the data on the losses of the Russian occupying forces have not yet been confirmed, but the available information helps to create an impression of the extent of the damage and how many Russians were killed.

“For now, we will not discuss the details, but if it turns out that about a hundred Wagner mercenaries from the headquarters were killed there, it will not be news to us,” he assured.

He denied the information that “Vagner” curator J. Prigožinas could also have died in Popasna. Previously, such information was distributed on Telegram channels, but S. Gaidajus denied the fact of J. Prigožin’s death. According to his information, some of his deputies were killed in the attack on the headquarters, but not himself.

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