The man who became famous on the social network “TikTok” died: the 28-year-old star did not avoid making fun of his body

It is announced that “Tik Tok” on the platform, a young man had 115 thousand fans, thousands subscribed to his content “YouTube” on the platform. Idan is cited as one of the best-known opinion leaders in his native Israel.

I. Ohayon often filmed himself eating and was not afraid to make fun of his overweight.

@idan_ohayon šŸ˜wow#viral #foryou #freelove #injara ā™¬ original sound – Idan ohayon

Recently, the young man participated in the reality show “The Createoks”, where he competed with other opinion makers, who holds the title of the best content creator in Israel.

I. Ohayon died in the Barzilai hospital in Ashkelon. Relatives of the opinion maker confirmed that the cause of the young man’s death was an illness, and the funeral will take place today.

Idan took a short hiatus from social media, but announced his return in an interview a few months ago.

ā€œOne day I decided to get back into social media, so I posted on TikTok. He received 300,000 views per day. views. So I uploaded another post, and another. View numbers continued to grow. I went back to my old life, gathered even more followers. It was cool. People started recognizing me on the streets, taking selfies,” said the opinion maker during an interview with “Ynet” about his return.

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