The occupiers tried to escape from Balaklia – they failed

“The enemy realized that he was surrounded. To get out of this situation, the occupiers, no longer expecting any help, try to get out on their own. Some have found civilian clothes, and after changing into them, they hope to escape in a hijacked transport. The video captures such a failed attempt. “Defenders of Donbass” can be seen running away with documents, uniforms and weapons. The only way to retreat is to surrender,” the video reads.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to achieve the effect of operational surprise in the southeast of the Kharkiv region, where they are now counter-attacking very effectively.

About this on September 7. The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) based in the United States of America (US) speaks in new findings based on events.

ISW specialists state that Ukrainian forces probably took advantage of the transfer of Russian forces to the southern front to organize a situational, “but very effective counterattack in the northwest direction from Izium.”

According to ISW’s assessment, the defenders of Ukraine relied on the effect of tactical surprise that on September 6-7. would push at least 20 km deeper into the territory occupied by Russia in the eastern part of the Kharkiv region and recapture approximately 400 sq. km of Ukrainian territory. Ukrainian forces call counterattacks near Izium and Balaklia ISW “local but very effective”.

Zelensky talks about “good news”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has indirectly approved a counterattack by his armed forces in the east of the country. There is “good news from the Kharkiv region” this week, he said in his traditional address on Wednesday evening. Ukrainians have reason to be proud of their army.

According to reports from Russian war correspondents, Ukrainian forces successfully approached the city of Balaklia on Tuesday and recaptured several settlements. “Now is not the time to name this or that settlement to which the Ukrainian flag returns,” said V. Zelensky.

The President mentioned three army brigades that stood out in particular. He also thanked the two brigades that participated in the offensive in the Kherson region of southern Ukraine. “Any success of our troops in one direction or another changes the situation on the entire front in favor of Ukraine,” noted V. Zelensky.

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