The opening date of the Nemunas Island swimming pool has become clear – What is happening in Kaunas

Kaunas and surroundings residents and guests of the city, who are waiting for the opening of the “Žalgiris” arena swimming pool and “Žalgiris” swimming academy, can mark September 7 in their calendars – that is when the space built on Nemunas Island will open its doors from 2 p.m.

All visitors to the pool will be greeted by an Olympic swimming pool that meets the requirements of the International Swimming Federation (FINA). poolspa area and newly opened doors restaurants and cafes.

After purchasing a one-time ticket, visitors to the swimming pool will be able to try as many as 11 saunas, whirlpools and massage baths, including an outdoor whirlpool, a musical pool, and the little visitors to the swimming pool will be able to have fun in the space created only for them, according to a press release from the Kaunas City Municipality.

In the pool of the “Zalgiris” arena, there will also be group games for visitors training in the water, and those who want to enjoy the pleasures of the pool with their company will have the opportunity to rent the space for private events.

“We are happy to open the doors of the new swimming pool to Kaunas and city guests. From the interest of the public, we felt how important this object is. It is necessary both for professional athletes and those who want to learn to swim, as well as for all visitors. Our goal is not to be services supplier, and to educate and gather the community, so great attention will be paid not only to professionals, but also to families or amateurs. The spectrum of activities will be really wide – we will be waiting for everyone in the pool: from babies to seniors”, said the director of the “Žalgiris” arena Paulius Motiejunas.

Water sports center on the island of Nemunas / photo

The swimming pool of the “Žalgiris” arena will invite you to celebrate the opening together, because on September 8-11, everyone is full prices 25 percent will be applied to single tickets. discount Tickets and subscriptions will be conveniently available from September 7. online or at the pool counter.

The Žalgiris Arena pool, which has opened its doors, will be open to visitors on September 7 from 2 p.m., on September 8-9 – from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., on September 10. – from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., and on September 11 – from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

A challenge for swimming enthusiasts

A 50-meter Olympic pool with 10 lanes and an additional 25-meter pool with two 90 cm deep lanes for teaching children to swim will await swimming professionals and amateurs on Nemunas Island.

There are grandstands for spectators near the Olympic swimming pool, where 528 spectators will be able to watch the competition.

The members of the Lithuanian swimming team will be the first to test the Olympic pool swimming track. Known swimmers will be waiting for a non-standard and nowhere fixed swimming event without rules.

Swimmers will be able to choose any swimming style, use various aids, such as paddle boards, fins, nanotechnology reducing water resistance or prohibited swimming suits. It will not be possible to use only gasoline-powered vehicles and the assistance of another person, and it will be mandatory to stay on the surface of the water for at least half of the distance.

All swimming enthusiasts can try to achieve a swimming record without any rules, together with professional swimmers. Those who wish to do so must register by filling out the form this questionnaire. Select candidates will start at the opening event.

World swimming championship gold medalist Danas Rapšys, recent European championship bronze medalist Andrius Šidlauskas, Erikas Grigaitis and others will take part in the match.

The swimmer who achieved the record will receive a solid prize – an annual subscription to the “Žalgiris” arena swimming pool.

Swim training and annual memberships

“Žalgiris” swimming pool will also operate in the complex located on Nemunas Island academywhich will offer swimming lessons two to three times a week for different age groups.

Twelve experienced and competent swimming coaches will be waiting for them, with the member of the Lithuanian national team and the Lithuanian swimming record holder Tadus Duškinas at the forefront.

Swimming lovers who want to save money will also be able to purchase annual memberships at the “Žalgiris Arena” pool, which will allow them not only to save money, but also unlimited visits to the “Žalgiris Arena” pool, enjoy the entertainment of the SPA area, join group training sessions or even bring a friend.

Purchase memberships or one-time tickets, register for swimming classes for children and adults of all ages from September 7. will be available online.

Those coming to the pool of “Žalgiris” Arena with their own cars can also use the parking lots of “Žalgiris” Arena. Using the “ADC parking” app, you can use the parking space for free for three hours.

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