the organizers had never seen it before

“We left the ticket on the ottoman and they thought it was delicious.” I went to sleep, and when I woke up, it was so chewed up that I thought it was impossible to check it,” Rachel Lamet said.

According to the lottery workers, they have already seen almost everything: tickets that were washed in jeans, thrown in a mud puddle and even driven by a car, but this was the first case.

But when they received a scratch-off ticket torn up by the Lamet family with a photo of the two guilty dogs and a handwritten note, they were pleasantly surprised.

The family didn’t think the lottery organizers would bother with a $3 lottery ticket, only to laugh at their misfortune.

“My husband thought it was funny and someone might at least have a good time,” she said.

The dogs, Apple and Jack, are Alaskan Klee Kies, a breed described by the American Kennel Club as “energetic and curious.” Lamets have been holding them since they were tiny.

“We will definitely be getting more chew toys, they swallow a lot. We love them, but sometimes they’re crazy,” Rachael Lamet told Lottery.

The lottery said in a press release that its staff “found all the pieces of the ticket and were able to put the ticket back together, and soon realized that Nathan was right.”

The ticket was not only “delicious” but also won $8. According to the lottery, the winnings were mailed to the family.

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