The premiere of the Lithuanian comedy attracted a large number of celebrities: famous couples also posed on the red carpet

Inga and Aivaras Stumbrai, Indrė Stonkuvienė, Vidas Bareikis, Merūnas and Erika Vitulskis, Toma Vaškevičiūtė, Jurga Baltrukonytė, Rimvydas Širvinskas-Makalius and a large group of other celebrities came to the premiere and posed on the red carpet.

You can see moments from the red carpet in the photo gallery:

Hits of cinemas that are more famous than the other “Valentinas one”And all their men” and “How to steal a wife” producers are returning to the cinema screens this weekend, September 16, with the film “What Don’t People Know”, full of comic situations, where we will see well-known actors and a humorous story that none of us would like to find ourselves in.

In the tape about a real macho who woke up one morning as a woman, R. Valiukaita had the main role and a considerable challenge – to turn into a man in a woman’s body.

“I played a man for the first time. I mean an “ordinary” man, because a man in a man’s skin has been parodied in the “Let’s see” days. I am a manly woman, so becoming a woman’s man was not difficult. The most important thing was to feel the horror of a sexist waking up as a woman and play it. Whether it was successful – we will find out in the cinema very soon,” said R. Valiukaitė when asked if this role became a huge challenge.

When asked if it was difficult to settle for this role, she claims that on the contrary: “I really like to try different, unexpected characters, because that’s the most attractive part of being an actor. You will gain new experience from such roles. In addition, I knew the director Robertas Kuliūnas, because we worked together on the film “I’m a star“. I was also familiar with the professional production team, not to mention the actors invited to this film – Vytautas Rumšas Jr., Kirilas Glušajevas, Tomas Vashkevičiūtė… Working with all these friends is guaranteed to be a pleasure.”

When asked by Rimantė if in today’s world, not in front of cameras, she often has to feel like a man, the actress said: “Unfortunately, today women still have to fight for a place under the sun. But we are not like many of mine, weak, so we quickly solve everything in difficult situations. Things would be different if we had more respect for each other. I have no doubt that after seeing this film you will definitely think about it”.

In the film, which does not lack humor, we will see how the arrogant chauvinist Giedrias (played by Vytautas Rumšas junior) gets a shock one morning – a man who used to oppress a woman wakes up in a woman’s skin. It was this role that fell to R. Valiukaita, who has vast experience in cinema, theater and television.

Bringing laughter back to cinemas, the film “What Men Don’t Know” will be released on the big screens on September 16.

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