The Royal Bank of Canada asked the employee to visit the offices today

photo of Vladimir Ivanovs (V).

The Royal Bank of Canada, like many other financial institutions, is actively recruiting employees to work in offices.

The bank takes the position that some aspects of the work performed in the office are irreplaceable. Urged to understand this, the employees are encouraged to use the rest of August as a transitional month to get used to the new order that will be expected in the fall as soon as possible.

King’s Bank of Canada asked employees to visit their offices today. It is expected that the new order could come into effect as early as September, Bloomberg reported.

The bank admits that many jobs can be done just as productively at home, but in some aspects work in the office is supposedly irreplaceable.

Technology can’t replace the energy, spontaneity, idea generation, team spirit, and fun that employees experience, says Dave McKay, CEO, Royal Bank of Canada.

Rafaelis Ruffolo, the bank’s media representative, clarified that most of the employees in the offices will have to work 2 or 3 days a week. This practice is already applied in some bank teams or in several regional and all departments.

In order for the hybrid working principle to continue to be effective, we need to maintain a good balance between when we work at home and when in the office. We need to think better in which cases we choose to meet live, says McKay.

Many Canadian financial institutions have only been actively inviting employees to work in offices rather than at home in the last six months. For example, Scotiabank employees were allowed to volunteer to fill the offices in March, and April was a transition period during which the teams had to be fully formed.

Manulife Financial Corp. April is the same.

Toronto-Dominion Bank, at the same time, encouraged employees to work in the office, but only allowed them to do so until the end of the day.

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