The Russian ambassador to Austria gave an unconvincing excuse for his call to exterminate Ukrainians

“No mercy for the people of Ukraine,” M. Ulyanov wrote. He later deleted his post and said his content had been misunderstood.

In another tweet, which some netizens called “completely unconvincing”, Ulyanov wrote: “I have to apologize. I forgot what I was dealing with. Of course, I was referring to the US, which is supplying the weapons, and the president of Ukraine, who just yesterday said that he rejects any peace talks. Really, no mercy on their part for the people of Ukraine. That’s what I said,” he wrote Russian representative.

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleh Mykolenka responded to Ulyanov’s initial post, calling his statements a call for genocide against the Ukrainian people. O. Mykolenka also called on the diplomatic community in Vienna to boycott M. Ulyanov, and the host country, Austria, to declare the Russian ambassador an undesirable person.

M. Uljanovas rejected the accusations of calling for genocide and said that of Ukraine the government “doesn’t care about its own population when it categorically rejects diplomatic efforts and focuses only on stockpiling weapons from the West.”

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