The Russian senator did not even spare his own daughter “nice” words about the war in Ukraine

“It is clear that she received money from certain media outlets. In other words, she sold her father, her family, her Motherland. It is very difficult to find words when it turns out that your daughter is a traitor,” Eduard Isakov, the representative of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Region in the parliament, wrote on his Telegram account on August 19 about his eldest daughter Diana Isakov.

Earlier that same day, 25-year-old Isakova told Meduza and the BBC that she had left Russia and wanted to build a “new opposition” abroad to oppose that war. D. Isakova’s parents divorced a long time ago, she says she has no close relationship with her father.

“When the war started, I felt guilty. Now I take responsibility for my decisions and actions, and I do everything in my power to help the people, the opposition, the people of Russia, etc. Guilt has not benefited anyone yet. I accept the past and do everything to make the future better,” said the young woman.

In his Telegram post, E. Isakov notes that he “hasn’t raised Diana since she was three.” He claims that the girl has mental health problems and emphasizes that “it is very difficult to talk to her”.

“Guys, my phone has been ringing wildly all day. The media, which are recognized as foreign agents, published an interview of my eldest daughter, Diana. She spoke out against the special military operation, against the politics of her country. It turns out that those publications paid her, in other words, she sold her father, her family, her homeland, and fled the country. It’s hard to find the words when it turns out your daughter has been unfaithful.

In April, Diana took part in an action against a special military operation. When I learned this, I tried to explain to her the necessity of this operation, I suggested that she visit the places of military glory of the Soviet people, read about the history of her country. I suggested that she go to Donbas to help the people who have been at war for eight years and learn firsthand the reasons for the special military operation.

But, unfortunately, my daughter only wants to gossip about such a serious matter, so she turned to the media with her imagination, not forgetting to mention that she is the daughter of a senator,” said E. Isakov.

Not only that, he stated that his daughter allegedly has psychological problems, because of suicide attempts she is registered in a psychoneurological dispensary.

“She is difficult to communicate with,” the senator continued.

“She claimed to be LGBT for three years, shaved her head, dressed as a boy, then started dating a man and decided she was a girl after all. Diana has no education; she finished high school and didn’t want to continue studying. She didn’t work a day, she asked me for money.

From the moment I found out that she is against Russia, we stopped communicating, I no longer support her, I do not give her a place to live. I thought she would find a job, start an adult life and think like an adult. However, she decided to make money by selling interviews and introducing herself as a senator’s daughter”, E. Isakov expressed his grievances.

Donbas – the eastern territories of Ukraine, which since 2014 Moscow has been fueling the separatist movement. In the same year, Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula belonging to Ukraine.

Since Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine in February, the war has divided many Russian families, with some supporting the Kremlin’s policies and others condemning the war.

After sending troops to Ukraine, Moscow passed laws that provide up to 15 years in prison for spreading information about the military that the government considers false.

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