The Russian woman, who left her husband with five children, is expecting a second child with her adopted stepson

Your weight loss tips with 618 thousand. Marina, a Russian woman who shares her followers on social networks, left Vladimir’s father Alexei Shavirin (45 years old) when she found out that she was expecting a child from his stepson.

“We accept your sincere congratulations and best wishes,” Marina wrote in her Instagram post announcing her second pregnancy.

In a separate post, she shared that according to the ultrasound, she became pregnant on her and Vladimir’s wedding day. The 37-year-old woman is very open about her unusual love story and marriage, revealing in a detailed Instagram post how she fell in love with Vladimir.

Meanwhile, her ex-husband continues to raise five children, whom he adopted together with Marina. He speaks passionately about the couple’s new relationship.

“She seduced my son… He didn’t even have a girlfriend until then. I would have forgiven her betrayal if it was another man and not my son.

They were not shy about making love even when I was at home. At night, when I fell asleep, she ran to Vladimir’s room, and later came back to sleep with me as if nothing had happened,” Aleksey shared his bitter experiences.

Despite this ex-husband’s and now father-in-law’s opinion about the couple’s relationship, Marina remains open to her followers and often emphasizes that Vladimir has “the most charming blue eyes in the world.”

After opening up about her relationship with her 14-year-old stepson, Marina also revealed that many women are telling her to push harder to keep her new man. However, a woman is not afraid of losing her spouse.

“He fell in love with me with all my plastic surgery scars, cellulite, excess skin and personality,” she said on social media.

As the most important thing, she emphasizes that she is happy in her new marriage and says that the past time with Aleksey was “not life, but a pretence.” The woman said that the only thing she regrets is that she destroyed the stability of her mother and father in her first marriage.

“Do I regret ruining the family?” And yes and no,” she openly shared on social networks.

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