The Russians will make “dangerous” missiles, but they won’t even reach Ukraine – what’s wrong?

In his speech, S. Šoigu decided not to mention that “Zircon” was created as an anti-tank missile, and said he hoped that this product could reach London in just five minutes.

However, the firing range of the Zircon is only 600 km.

Fortunately, this is just the case as the Kremlin begins its next project of another “magic weapon” that will only help reduce the resources needed to wage war with Ukraine. Because the Russian Federation does not have the technical capabilities to use Zircon to attack Ukrainian cities.

One fact is enough to prove this: the Russians do not have a single ship in the Black Sea that could be equipped with Zircon. Such a missile could be installed only on nuclear submarines of the 885M project, frigates 22350, missile cruisers of the 1164 project (such as the destroyed “Moskva”) or “Orlan” of the 1144 project.

Of course, two missile cruisers of the 1164 project and one frigate of the 22350 project are currently sailing in the Mediterranean Sea, but these ships are prevented from sailing through the Bosphorus Strait by Turkey’s official ban.

After all, the more resources the Russians spend on the next “magic weapon,” the less capacity they will have to restore the stockpile of missiles that have already been launched over Ukraine.

For example, the Russian Ministry of Defense concluded a one-year contract with NPO Mashinostroyenia for the production of “several dozen” (about 30) P-800 Oniks missiles for the Bastion coastal defense complex. Currently, the Russians have launched at least 40 Onyx missiles into Ukraine, so it will take at least 1.5 years to replenish the stockpile of this type of missile alone.

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