The Saugirdas Vaitulionis house perfume was presented in an exclusive evening: the most famous faces of the entertainment world did not miss the event

“Velvet Tobacco” home perfume is like a fiery, epic love affair hidden in a bottle, which, when opened, drowns the house in a fog of feelings! It’s like soft velvet, smelling of passionate memories and sinful kisses, the sweetness of which is impossible to forget. This perfume was created for a home where raw feelings live”, – this is how S. Vaitulionis describes his latest creation.

According to the press release, the first Frankincense house fragrance and the second Chyprè were very successful and were awarded gold medals. It has already become a tradition that the perfumes created together with the fragrance creators “Natūralios idejas” are presented in an exclusive place. A private plane parked in the event space attracted the attention of the guests. The celebration was opened by the pioneer of vertical dance, ballerina Inga Briazkalovaitė. The day before, in commemoration of Ukraine’s Independence Day, the artist demonstrated a dance on the former “Moscow House” building in Vilnius, which is decorated with a mural dedicated to Ukraine. The impressive performance also impressed the famous artist Ruslana, who came to Lithuania from Ukraine. Three performers also appeared on stage. Monika Linkytė, Vilius Popendikis and Gabrielė Senkevičiūtė donated their music.

The opinion maker did not miss the special evening Agnė Jagelavičiūtė and a photographer Lukas Griciusthe wife of the Minister of National Defense Lina Anušauskienė, designer Julia Janus, clothing designer Simona Nainėa singer Natalia Bunkejournalist Edvardas Žičkus, opinion makers Caroline Meschino and Inga Žuolytėa former presenter Egle Skrolytėmakeup artist Oksana Pikul with his close friend Vaidas Akramavičius, event organizer Agnė Grigaliūnienėradio and TV host Egle Kernagytėevent organizer Kristina Kaikarienė, LRT presenter Ugne SiparėDirector of the Vilnius Department of the National Public Health Center, epidemiologist Rolanda Lingienė and other guests.

Greta Vaitulionė, the perfumer of Natūralios idejas, describes the new home perfume as a versatile scent. It is constantly changing, as if it were a piece of music played live. Light, carefree notes change layer by layer until you are enveloped in a soft velvety haze. The luxurious darkness of tobacco, which raises and ignites other scents that merge together, fills the space with calmness and frees the senses, while the world remains far, far away.

“In the first notes of the fragrance, the sparkling aroma of orange peel oil intertwines with calmer bergamot. Black pepper sharpens these refreshing notes. The heart of the fragrance is filled with the mysterious smell of tobacco leaves, complemented by the warmth of cedar wood. Vetiver gives the strong heart notes an earthy, moist, woody and smoky aroma. The refined composition is completed by warm, balsamic notes of bluish styraca resin, intertwined with sweet, creamy vanilla notes, which are joined by rich, sweet-spicy patchouli,” describes the scent, the perfumer who helped S. Vaitulionis discover, understand and fall in love with the world of fragrances.

When asked where the secret of the success of these products lies, the founder of “Natural Ideas”. Paulius Vaitulionis confident – when the work is done by professionals in their field, the final product will undoubtedly be a success. “We created a trilogy of completely different scents. The latest fragrance will appeal to sweet lovers. Saugirdas has a developed sense of style and quality. He definitely contributes to product development. In Lithuania, these products won more than one award, and in September it will become clear whether they managed to surprise the European design exhibition, where product packaging is evaluated. We are happy to have reached the final stage, where a brand like Chanel is competing together. Also, in autumn, we are waiting for a prestigious exhibition in Paris, where we hope to surprise you with a Lithuanian product”, says P. Vaitulionis.

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