the signs in front of the connectors did not bode well

“It’s paradise. Here. And we’re in it,” she began her newsletter to fans.

It’s one of her favorite lines that Ben wrote for Live By Night, which he directed. He also said these words on their wedding night.

“It rained every day at sunset that week. Everyone was worried about the heat, the bugs, the little things, whether all the guests would arrive on time, etc. – not to mention the thunder and lightning that was predicted for the day. Also, we all got stomach bugs but recovered by the end of the week. This, along with a few other unexpected setbacks, must have been some kind of omen.

But I never doubted it. All week I felt peace and assurance that we were in God’s hands…

On Saturday, August 20th, the sun came out and its rays looked like little diamonds reflected in the river behind the makeshift altar in our backyard. The sky was a clear blue, with distant white clouds holding fast. As the sun set behind the oak trees covered with Spanish moss, a warm breeze blew across the lawn where our closest family and friends were sitting,” wrote J.Lopez romantically about the eve of the wedding.

The couple had chosen Marc Cohn’s “True Companion” as their wedding song. Jennifer surprised her husband by inviting the singer to perform this song live at the wedding.

“Ben and I were laughing the night before about getting married again in adulthood. We’d both been married before and weren’t quite children anymore, but somehow now it felt like the exact age that made sense. I recently read what Rainer Marie Rilke wrote in Letters to a Young Poet about love. He said to be ready for love. “For one person to love another is the most difficult task. This is the work for which all other work is only preparation. To be able to love someone in such a way that you want to be better for him and make him happy, because giving happiness and love is more joyful than receiving it, is the true great love of adults,” J.Lopez quoted the writer.

The woman was happy that she married B. Affleck when she was mature and ready for love.

The next day, everyone gathered for lunch by the lake. The actress decorated the place of the third day’s celebration with blue accents.

“I wanted each day to be unique, but fit the environment we were in over the weekend: the mood was cozy, rustic,” she enthused.

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