The son of the legendary Lithuanian basketball coach Vladas Garast died suddenly – the tragedy happened in Cologne, where he supported the national team

The administration of Kaunas Žalgiris football club was the first to announce the tragic news, announcing that 63-year-old Virginijus’ son Rokas would not be with the team during the Lithuanian football A League away match against Gargždų Banga on Sunday.

“Kauno Žalgiris” will be without the team leader in tonight’s match. coach Roko Garast. In the morning, the news reached the coach that his father had left for Anapilin. The club expresses its condolences to the coach and his family,” the Facebook statement reads.

The news of his son’s death also reached Vladas Garasta in the morning. The devastated famous coach did not elaborate on the circumstances of the death.

“Forgive me, this is a tragedy for my family. I can not speak. He went to Cologne to support the Lithuanian national team and was there. Now I received the news that he died”, V. Garast told

Virginijus Garstas was born on January 1, 1959, he was a coach for a short time, but he did not stay away from basketball – he played in the Kaunas basketball amateur league.

Sport is in the blood of V. Garast’s children and grandchildren. Both V. Garast’s children – Jolanta and Virginijus, Roko’s father, studied at the then Institute of Physical Culture in Kaunas (now – Lithuanian Sports University). The daughter of the basketball strategist turned to medicine, and the son, who worked as a basketball coach, turned to business.

Journalist Vidas Mačiulis wrote more about the tragedy: “Eternal Rest.” VIRGINIJUS GARASTAS (1959-01-01 – 2022-09-04) Painful news arrived in Kaunas today. The son of Irena and Vladas Garasta, Virginijus, died suddenly, in his sixty-fourth year of life… He had flown to Cologne on the same plane with the Lithuanian men’s basketball team to watch the European Basketball Championship group competition.

After seeing the Lithuanian matches against Slovenia and France in the arena, Virginijus Garast will return in a coffin or an urn. This is taken care of by his sons Vladas and Rokas, whose father was found dead today in the hotel room where he lived alone.

In the hour of painful loss, on behalf of all basketball fans, I offer my heartfelt condolences to the deceased’s parents Vlad and Irena, sister Jolanta, Virginij’s sons Vladas, Rokas Garasts and their families, all relatives, friends, neighbors and acquaintances.

Nothing hurts more when long-lived parents have to bury their children. Strength and God’s blessings to Them. In the photo: aa Virginijus, who on April 22, 2022, together with LKF Honorary President Vladas Garast, took part in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Lithuanian basketball in Kaunas.”

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