The Soviet monument is being dismantled in Narva: the special services have arrived, the roads are blocked

A tank is being moved from Narva “T-34“. It will be taken to the Estonian War Museum in Vymsi, whose activities include the preservation, research and exhibition of military history and cultural heritage, writes

Special services arrived at the tank-monument on Tuesday morning.

There are about 20 Estonian special services cars and two dogs near the tank. People who were on duty at the monument were asked to leave. Journalists were also asked to withdraw. From 6:30 a.m. a border guard helicopter was circling above the monument.

The area is fenced off. Roads are blocked in a radius of two kilometers.

Four kilometers from the tank, in the direction of Narva Jeesū, a traffic jam is forming.

August 16 In the morning, the Estonian government announced that it had made a decision to move Soviet-era war monuments from Narva’s public spaces.

The Prime Minister of the country, Kaja Kallas, noted that after February 24, when Russia began a large-scale war with UkraineSoviet-era war memorials in Estonia’s public spaces have ceased to be a problem at the local level.

The Estonian authorities decided to raise not only the tank, but also other Soviet monuments built in Narva and Narva Joensuu. To ensure security, the police have imposed a curfew in the area of ​​the monuments, the roads leading to them are closed to transport and pedestrians, and officers are on duty along the perimeter and checking documents.

According to local journalists, the situation near the monuments is calm, no civilians can be seen.

On Tuesday morning, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, Minister of the Interior Lauris Läänemets, Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Reinsalu and Director General of the Police and Border Protection Department Elmars Vahers held a press conference for the dismantling of the monuments.

According to the prime minister, after February 24, when Russia launched a full-scale war against Ukraine, Soviet military monuments in Estonia’s public space are no longer just a local problem.

“None of us wants an aggressive and hostile neighbor to increase tensions in our country. We will not give Russia the opportunity to use the past to undermine internal peace in Estonia”, K. Kallas emphasized.

“Given how quickly tensions and turmoil are escalating over the memorials in Narva, we must take urgent action to ensure public order and internal security.” This is precisely why the government has decided to remove the military monuments from their current locations, so that they do not further fuel hatred in society and open old wounds. A neutral memorial sign will be erected on the graves of the brothers in Narva, where the soldiers who died during the Second World War are buried, duly honoring the memory of the dead,” added the Prime Minister of Estonia.

In Narva, more than 80 percent of the population are ethnic Russians, about 36 percent. they have Russian citizenship.

Earlier, the mayor of Narva, Katri Raik, stated that she was against the relocation of the Soviet tank-monument, as it is part of the identity of the city’s Russian-speaking population.

During the discussion about dismantling the monument, local residents started vigil by it.

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