The Spaniards look at the change of their basketball generations with pride: “We are the best in Europe”

The Spanish youth national teams simply swept their opponents this summer, and only Lithuanian youths challenged them.

Spain’s boys’ and girls’ youth national teams participated in eight European and World Championships and reached the finals in all of them, winning 3 gold medals.

“We are the best in Europe,” summed up Jorge Garbajosa, president of the Spanish Basketball Federation, on the basketball courts during the youth summer.

Meanwhile, the most serious challenge to the youth of Spain was thrown by the Lithuanians. These youth national teams even met 3 times in the finals (U20 boys, U16 boys, U18 girls), and the Lithuanians celebrated their victories (in the U16 boys and U18 girls finals).

However, the youth national teams of Spain and Lithuania competed in duels 7 times in total, during which the Spaniards were happy with the victory 4 times.

“Medals should be a consequence, not a goal. Sport is based on results, but in the federation we have to be cool and not get caught up in that. We have to work like we think we have to. But when such results are achieved, you immediately feel supported”, J. Garbajosa said

Such results are a real refreshment for Spanish basketball lovers. The men’s team is often not even named as a medal contender at the European Championships, and the women’s team has failed to qualify for the World Championships at all.

“In this country, we are the most critical of ourselves. This is good because it encourages you to work harder. But I would like everyone to have the privilege that I have of being able to travel the world and watch the excitement that our basketball generates. Our coaches, our clubs, our talent search and development network… I say this without being self-aggrandizing, many federations ask us: “How do we do it?”. When it looks like we might hit a slump, we win all these medals. They do not guarantee a win, but they do guarantee that we will be competitive in the future. It fills us with optimism and ambition”, said the president of the federation about the youth of Spain.

According to J. Garbajosa, such results are not unexpected, and the Italian contributed significantly to them.

“This is not a coincidence. You can win a medal in one category, but when you win in all competitions, it can’t be a fluke. First of all, there is a need to coordinate so many people and organizations, with regional federations playing a key role. Then, as I’ve always said, we have the best coaches in the world. And one thing that has incalculable value for me is the methodology we follow after Sergio Scariolo, which is the same in all categories,” the president thanked the coach of the men’s national team.

Garbajosa, 44, is delighted with how things have changed since he was on the other side of the court as Spain’s young basketball talent.

“A lot of time and money has been invested in a platform with which we can do the physical and medical care of each player. As soon as we start working with the boys, we already have all the information and they have a methodology that they know. The rest is determined by his talent. There are now many more resources available for children, especially with the famous database. Now we can perform a detailed analysis of how each user develops at all levels: physical, medical, sports… This way, highly specialized and individual work can be done,” said J. Garbajosa.

With no shortage of success in the youth ranks, the transition to professional club basketball, doors opening and closing, and the commitment to national talent are becoming increasingly heated. The president of the Spanish Basketball Federation believes that despite the noise, everything is on the right track.

“We always have to improve, but as an organization we try to be responsible and we can’t get caught up in bar debates and social networks like some union president. We intend to continue working with ACB, I am very proud to see the clubs celebrate success. It means that there is communion.

We would like to have twelve training players in each ACB club. It’s about identification, the relationship with the fans… but we’re also the best in Europe in terms of professionalism. We invite you to trust our players, because they are the best in Europe”, said J. Garbajosa.

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