The statements of Putin and Shoigu are shocking: the announced list of allies can surprise any Western country

“It’s both funny and sad”, – one of the most qualified military experts, a former of Ukraine Armed Forces General Staff Officer Reserve Colonel Oleg Zhdanov.

The military expert noticed more than one detail in V. Putin’s speech that was out of line with reality. The Russian autocrat boasted at the exhibition that “Russian weaponry has surpassed the best weapons of Western countries by decades.”

“I don’t know what he means?” The Kinzhal missile, which is basically no different from conventional ballistic missiles, the yet-to-be-tested Zircon missile, or the missile “Sarmat“, of which the only copy was produced and the first test flight was held in March. I don’t know what kind of Russian weaponry we are talking about here, maybe the Armat tank, although the production project has already been discontinued,” the military expert thought.

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