The strange professor had no equal: the most brilliant and bloody operation in the history of surgery

This is an excerpt from Lindsey Fitzharris’ book “The Craft of Butchering” published by Lions Not Sheep. Creepy medicine.” The book was translated by Diana Urbonė. We warn readers of more sensitive nerves that the passage will contain descriptions of surgical interventions.

Although small in stature, Saim was a true giant in his profession at the time Lister visited him. Colleagues called him the Napoleon of surgery. The 54-year-old surgeon earned this name for his titanic efforts to simplify traumatic procedures, which he devoted 25 years of his work to. Saimas despised crude instruments, such as a hand-held chainsaw, and avoided complex methods when simpler ones would suffice. Saving time and methods – this is what Saimas tried to achieve every time he operated. This attitude was also reflected in his characteristic short speeches. A former student of Saim’s, John Brown, said of the great teacher that “he never wasted words, ink, and blood unnecessarily.”

Saim’s fame is largely due to his pioneering method of amputation at the ankle joint, a procedure that bears his name and is performed today by surgeons around the world. Before Saim, if the patient had suffered a severe leg injury or suffered from incurable foot diseases, surgeons would amputate the leg below the knee, thus limiting the person’s ability to move. This was usually done thinking that a long brace would cause more problems and the patient would not be able to walk on it. After the amputation invented by Saim, the patient could transfer his body weight onto the ankle brace. It was a breakthrough in surgery. In addition, this method of amputation was easier and faster than amputation below the knee.

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