The strangest causes of emergency landings in aviation history: bad weather, sex-hungry passengers and snakes on a plane

If you’ve ever flown on an airplane, you’re well aware that flight attendants are highly trained to ensure everyone’s safety in the event of an unplanned landing. But sometimes when a plane has to make an unexpected landing, it’s not because of a safety-related accident, but for very strange reasons. So, in this text, we will look at the strangest causes of emergency landings in the history of aviation. And there were really unexpected ones.

Struggle for legroom

When fighting for legroom on the planeUnited Airlines“the aircraft had to land unplanned.

This incident is the fault of an accessory designed for travelers that protects the knees during flights, also called “Knee Defencer”. This is a set of clips that can be taken on the plane and attached to the seat of the passenger in front of you, preventing them from reclining their seat. Many airlines, including United Airlines, prohibit them.

in 2014 August. due to the use of this device, a flight from New York to Denver was diverted to Chicago, where two passengers were removed from the flight.

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