The Turks will not give up without a fight – they have sued FIBA

The Turkish national team became one of the strongest teams in the European Championship, and it did not happen because of the three victories they achieved.

In contrast, their only loss against Sakartwell was incident-strewn, coming after two overtimes. Even in the fourth quarter, Furkan Korkmaz was sent off from the field after having a conflict with Duda Sanadze, this quarrel also moved outside the field.

During the scuffle, the game clock was not stopped either – 22 seconds passed, which were not returned later. The Turks filed a protest, but FIBA ​​rejected it.

The rejection of the protest is motivated by the fact that the Turkish national team did not prove that these 22 seconds could have changed the outcome of the match. Unconvinced by the dubious explanation, the Turks decided to appeal to higher authorities.

In defense of its interests, the Turkish Basketball Federation has officially announced that it has submitted FIBA ​​to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

According to the Turks, FIBA ​​does not create fair conditions and because of this basketball in Europe suffers.

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