The US is no longer afraid of Russia’s reaction to Ukraine

Then, Joe Biden’s administration tried to keep information about the arms supply public to avoid a possible negative reaction from Moscow. However, the situation changed drastically when it became clear that Russia’s threats were only verbal.

“Over time, the White House began to slowly admit that it was supplying Ukraine with more and more powerful weapons, but there was no serious reaction from the Russians,” said William Taylor, a former US ambassador to Ukraine.

“We should have been more careful at first. We didn’t know if Vladimir Putin will detect supply lines and launch mass attacks on convoys. The question of possible escalation was also raised. There were doubts about Ukraine’s ability to use everything we gave it, and about how long the country would be able to withstand enemy pressure,” military analyst Mark O’Hanlon expressed his opinion.

Finally, the Americans realized that initially they were faced with Russian bluff and inadequate reactions. Today, anxiety about meeting Russian interests has diminished.

“I think there are a lot more opportunities that we can take to help Ukraine without fear of a Russian reaction,” the administration staff added.

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