The Villoeco store offers healthy and natural Tikra products

Author’s photo: “Villoeco” founder R. Lastauskas with the new manager K. Jazokiene.

The shop “Villoeco” located in Gargždai, next to the bookstore, is expanding its assortment. From now on, you will find Tikra brand healthy and natural products here. Previously, the “Tikra” store operated in the large “Maxima” in Gargžda, but after its closure, the best-selling “Tikra” products of the residents of Gargžda and the region are already lined up on the shelves of Villoeco.

A large selection
The founder of Villoeco, Rima Lastauskas, who lives in Sweden, told Bangai that Villoeco is now the representative of the Tikra brand in Gargždai. Here you can buy their best-selling products in our area so far. The prices are the same as on the Tikra website, they may differ by a few cents, but they try to keep the prices the same.
Weighed spices are one of the most loved products. There are a wide variety of them: for steaks, chicken, and salads. Bruschetta mix, Orange pepper mix – these are just a few examples that will turn your dishes into masterpieces.
Another group of top products is various freshly pressed oils. “For now, we do not have our own pressing machine, but our suppliers pour freshly squeezed oil into bottles for us. The revolutionary product is a mixture of sunflower and olive oils with melted butter. It is used for frying food”, explained R. Lastauskas. According to her, weighed teas are also at the peak of popularity. At Villoeco, you will find them in the most diverse types: nettles, hemp flowers, yarrow, etc. Only quality coffee from Kenya, Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, India is sold. There are even dandelion, acorn decaffeinated coffees. You will also find decaffeinated Arabic coffee. Immunity mixtures are very relevant now. For example, ginger and vitamin C powder should be taken half a teaspoon a day, added to warm tea or some cold drink. Plant fibers – “Sluota” for cleaning the body and “Ryto energija” have also been tried and loved by many people from Gargždi.

You won’t regret trying it
A huge selection of nuts, chickpeas of various flavors will enrich the body and strengthen the immune system as autumn progresses. The founder of Villoeco, R. Lastauskas, has no doubts that everyone who visits will find quality products for their family, which are delivered here from reliable suppliers. Buyers, as before, will find natural cosmetics at Villoeco, there is a collaboration with Biocos cosmetics, as well as Uoga uga. We are preparing to expand the range of products in this area, especially “Green people” – it is an English vegan, natural, organic product. According to R. Lastauskas, essential oils “Florihana” will help to ensure good health, they are obtained directly from the distillery, no additional infusions. Rima studied aromatherapy for 7 years in the USA, as well as in England, so she has more than enough knowledge. If you can’t find an oil in a physical store, you can also order a luxurious rose absolute. “When the cold season begins, it is recommended to add anti-viral essential oils at home: tea tree, satin cedar. If you have small children, eucalyptus, lemongrass should be avoided due to their composition. Citrus aromas, even oranges, will help to lift the mood,” said R. Lastauskas, who ensured that everyone who came to the store would receive advice on when and which essential oils to use. At Villoeco you will also find aromatic candles, bath bubbles, diffusers for essential oils – the range is very diverse. A large selection of hydrolats, the mist of which is usually sprayed directly on the face as a tonic. The store even has concrete products – these are unique design details created by the family of Marius and Vaidas Špakauskas, who live in the village of Klemiškės, and their brand name is “Terrazzo”. “The biggest advantage is that the products are polished by hand,” the interviewer noted. She informed that Kristina Jazokienė is the new manager of the company from now on. “I live in Klaipėda, but I have connections with Gargždai: my grandparents lived here, my parents live here. And I have tried the Villoeco product for a long time and I like it. The house is full of essential oils and natural cosmetics. When you try a real product, you don’t want others anymore,” the new manager said frankly.


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