There are no limits to the audacity of Russian propaganda: the false news about the death of Alla Pugacheva spread

Propaganda website spread the news with the following headline: “Galkin didn’t make it: fans bring flowers and candles to Pugacheva, who died of her sixth heart attack.”

Readers might have thought that the news was about the stage prima donna, but the article is about the singer’s mother, Zinaida Archipovna, who died back in 1986. The woman actually died after her sixth stroke. However, the authors of the article did not name a specific person, only tempting readers with an intriguing headline.

The real Ala Pugačiova is currently in Latvia with her children. Recently, the celebrity was spotted with her friend Laima Vaikule, who expressed support for Ukraine during the war.

At that time, the artist’s husband Maxim Galkin organizes performances and donates part of the money earned to Ukrainian refugees.

Let us remind you that the Russian comedian Maksim Galkin performed in Warsaw a little earlier. He entered the stage wearing a blue and yellow suit, the colors of which represent the flag of Ukraine.

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