“There are not many such impressive buildings in Lithuania”

V. Baumila says that he appreciates the long-term value of quality projects, so he has been looking for a housing investment for some time. However, it was not easy to find the most suitable one. However, after looking at Skylum skyscrapers, he made a decision quite quickly.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s for living or an investment – a home is a significant purchase for me, both financially and because you have to feel right at home from the first moment. The main criteria I set in advance were the quality and durability of the project, a good price-quality ratio, a reliable developer and a convenient location. “Skylum” apartment led by all of them appeared to me to be a wise investment”, claims the performer.

The characteristics of housing that increase its value are important

The famous man claims that the modernity, aesthetics and quality of the skyscrapers first attracted his attention.

“So far, there are not many such impressive, tall residential buildings in Lithuania that would remain aesthetically attractive and of high quality for many years to come. In my opinion, the exceptional value of “Skylum” is also created by the large windows opening up the wonderful panoramas of Vilnius and the terraces on the roofs. So I guess their value will increase significantly in the future. It should also be raised by the rapidly changing district – it is becoming more and more attractive to live in,” the man shares his insights.

The 18th and 21st floors of both Skylum skyscrapers will feature landscaped roof terraces with spectacular city views in all directions.

True, V. Baumila says that he has already seen the pleasing views from the windows of his future apartment – the group of real estate companies “Omberg group” developing the “Skylum” project invited the singer to walk around the construction site of the skyscrapers and climb on the roof.

“It was an opportunity for me to see the “behind the scenes” of the construction, to see how the work is going on, to ask relevant questions and receive open answers. This is a sign of mutual trust. In addition, it was very fun to see even my childhood home – Šeškina, when I went up to the “Skylum” terrace. The city from so high up – like on the palm of your hand,” says a well-known man.

A place that fits the lifestyle

According to the performer, another important criterion for him when choosing an apartment is the location. Vaidotas says that he didn’t have to think long about which place – in the city or in the countryside – the house he was buying should be.

“It is important for me to live near the center. I want to feel the pulse of the city and have the opportunity to quickly appear where life is boiling”, says V. Baumila.

The complex of sky-high residential buildings will be located two streets away from the city center, next to the intersection of Laisvė and Pilaitė avenues, so it will ensure convenient communication with all parts of Vilnius. However, according to Vaidots, Viršuliškės are important to him not only for practical reasons, but also because he spent part of his childhood here. The man notices that the district is getting a new face in recent years.

“Viršuliškė is rapidly changing and becoming attractive to young people – there are more and more services, entertainment and life here. In addition, the center is within easy reach from Skylum,” says the man.

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