these 6 signs are in for a really great week

ARIES (03 21–04 20)

Don’t plan anything complicated for Tuesday – take care of your home, family, and all responsible business-related matters, put them off for Wednesday, Thursday. These are the most auspicious days of the week when you can take risks, when everything will work out in whatever you do. Wednesday is more suitable for work matters. If you have concerns about your children, try to find a way out on Thursday. Friday is not suitable for important meetings and agreements. Don’t be gullible – check what you hear. Happy Saturday – you can feel happy and needed again. Good news from friends, their attention, help, meetings with interesting personalities and considerable attention from others will make you smile sincerely. Take better care of your health and healthy relationships with your partner on Sunday.

TAURUS (04 21–05 20)

The beginning of the week will be great for a business trip abroad or meetings with foreign partners, colleagues or an employer from a foreign company. On Tuesday, it is best to deal with business concerns. Wednesday, Thursday – calm introverted days, when you don’t need to look at the weather sky – joy is here, just around the corner. This is a time of good changes at home. And on Friday, you can be deceived, especially when evaluating the behavior of your children or explaining your love relationship with your partner. On Saturday, it is worth meeting with the necessary people who can affect your career – discuss matters that are important to you. By the way, Saturday is good for solving heart problems – it will be good for clarifying relationships with a loved one. A new relationship can also be formed. By the way, Sunday will be completely unsuitable for that.

GEMINI (05 21–06 21)

This week’s meetings and acquaintances will change some of your attitudes and beliefs, making you more tolerant of children and the person you love. Especially the first half of the week will be accompanied by success in communicating with influential people or fans, and this will undoubtedly strengthen personal popularity and influence. At the beginning of the week or on Saturday, it would be appropriate to look for sponsors, intercessors or simply helpers. So try to communicate more, don’t give up visiting your good friends or going to an event. Be quieter and more careful Thursday night, Friday. By the way, on Saturday you can meet someone who will remind you of another person, old times, old feelings.

CANCER (06 22–07 22)

The beginning of the week is a fun time. You will be strong, you will impress those around you – today’s achievements are significant. Fight for yourself, for the cause you care about. If it is important to win someone’s attention – both in work activities and in personal relationships – Tuesday will be your time. The first half of the week will be favorable for planning trips, important business meetings, and solving financial problems. It is not the time to express your opinion or draw any conclusions about relationships with people important to you, to complain about problems in the family on Friday. The day is also not suitable for solving problems related to home remodeling, repairs, and the purchase of a new home. A romantic Saturday that is best spent with your couple. By the way, an old romantic relationship can be renewed…

LEO (07 23–08 22)

Tuesday’s approvals can be useful for business matters – just don’t rush to take advantage of the offers you receive: there is a time for everything. Very favorable Wednesday, Thursday – unexpected success awaits you. There will be good opportunities to correct past mistakes in personal relationships, solve problems in the family, and make up for it in activities. Through friends, you can get a good offer for work in a new place (probably in a foreign company). There may be an opportunity to improve existing working conditions as well. By the way, this week, it may become clear who has been in love with you for a long time and is preparing for a serious fight. On Saturday, your spouse will make you happy with your attention. On Sunday, you shouldn’t make new romantic acquaintances.

VIRGO (08 23–09 22)

You will feel relief at the beginning of the week. You will begin to recover from accumulated problems (especially financial). And not only because there will be opportunities to solve them, other pleasant worries await you, a surprise from a loved one (your relationship will start to improve). Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to have a sincere conversation – you need to strengthen mutual trust. In this regard, Saturday is extremely important, when you will be able to get an important approval from a person dear to you. Unfortunately, Sunday can become critical in your relationship with your spouse. No matter what secret you learn, no matter how surprised you feel, don’t be too quick to say never.

LIBRA (09 23–10 23)

The first half of the week is a fun time. You will feel strong, powerful and successful in whatever you do. This is a time of good changes that will help you realize your dreams. And not only: solve problems at work, clarify relationships with those who do not want to recognize your right. You will be successful in finding a better job or a more suitable place to live. It is worth clearly stating your position both to management at work and to relatives at home. You can also express your demands to a loved one. And don’t plan important work for Friday – take care of your home and family. Saturday is a time of joy and love. This is a good opportunity for a serious conversation with a loved one, your spouse, your children. Just don’t spoil the experience on Sunday.

SCORPIO (10 24–11 22)

On Tuesday, you will realize that you have everything to be happy about. This is a time of success when everything falls into place in the most favorable way. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday until the evening are extremely favorable for activity – this is a good opportunity to consolidate existing positions. Complicated, confusing Friday. If on that day (Sunday too) you find out something unpleasant about a matter or person important to you, if you unexpectedly disappoint even yourself – do not panic and do not take any radical measures, you will only worsen the situation even more. Well, Saturday is the time to make things just the way you need them!

SAGITTARIUS (11 23–12 21)

The first half of the week will bring beneficial changes. Tuesday is a good opportunity to solve the financing issues of your business, handle difficult tax and debt repayment issues. You will be extremely lucky in the middle of the week – your friends will make you happy, you will get to know new people, you will learn countless interesting things and you will feel happy. Unexpectedly, fate can bring you with that person who can become your couple. Special appointments are also available on Saturday. It will be a very good opportunity to solve work problems in an informal environment. I would not advise you to devote yourself to a new novel on Friday and Sunday. These days are generally not favorable for communication and celebrations.

CAPRICORN (12 22–01 19)

On Tuesday, do not miss the opportunity to make an agreement – this is a time of useful compromises, when you can gain supporters, allies, intercessors. It is a great time to make long-term agreements. On Wednesday, Thursday, solve the issue of financing an important matter for you – you will be able to get the necessary money. Friday is dangerous – the situation will appear better than it actually is. And here is Saturday, in the true sense of the word, wonderful. You will be successful in everything, so take up the things you have dreamed of for a long time. Especially things (for household and beauty), jewelry, works of art bought on Saturday will be useful and will make you happy for a long time. The festive lunch organized on that day will be special for family and friends. Sunday is deceptive, when you don’t need to change anything, start something new, make new connections: even successful things that happened that day, happy acquaintances will turn bitter later.

WATER (01 20–02 18)

You don’t want to believe in your success and popularity, but this week it will be. The first half of the week is an exceptional time when you can solve a troublesome problem and remove long-term obstacles without much effort. This is a great time to deal with work matters – sign important business agreements. These days, wherever you are, you will be welcomed and loved: everyone will try to please and like you. You will be surprised by the sincerity, attention and support of those around you. A new romance may unexpectedly start – now you will tend to fall in love easily. True, if it is Friday or Sunday, you will regret it. By the way, if your partner is prone to jealousy, try not to be ambiguous in your behavior at guests, otherwise you will not avoid not only scenes of jealousy but also his revenge on Sunday.

PISCES (02 19–03 20)

This week is a time of good feelings, when communication, especially an outing with a close person, calms, gives strength, optimism. Especially on the weekend, try to escape not only from everyday life, but also from unnecessary communication. Saturday will be exclusive for communication with a loved one, spouse. Tuesday, Wednesday are extremely favorable for activity. These days are perfect for an important conversation with an employer. It will be appropriate to change something in the activity. It is worth accepting new subject proposals. Perhaps the most difficult day will be Sunday, which is best spent resting peacefully – the day is not suitable for entertainment, risky celebrations, or buying valuable things. This is a deceptive time when things can appear better than they really are. So don’t be surprised if you get the opposite result than you expect.

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