They told which zodiac sign is the most intelligent, and which one was at the bottom of the list

12th place – Aries

The respectable 12th place goes to Aries by no means due to stupidity. Aries are really not stupid, they simply follow the principle “Think as little as possible and catch as much as possible!” – at least they say that this is their motto. Observing from the side, it may seem that Aries do not think at all before doing something, but the results of their actions, strange as they are, do not suffer because of this. If sometimes they have to get catastrophic results, Aries pretends that this is exactly what they were aiming for.

11th place – Pisces

Fish have intelligence, they just don’t use it. It is said that thinking too much is harmful – intuition suffers from it, the most important chakras get dirty, and mental messages reach the Heavenly Chancellery much more slowly than if they were sent by traditional mail. Despite such logic, Pisces can almost give the impression of geniuses. Such an impression, by the way, is not completely wrong – you can try to follow your intuition instead of your mind and see what will come of it. The only area where intuition Pisces does not trust is finances. The famous phrase “We have the means, but the mind is lacking” was probably uttered when looking at Pisces.

10th place – Taurus

Oh that we were all as smart when needed as Tauruses are when it’s too late. Only when it is impossible to change something, Bulls begin to pour out pearls of wisdom. Tauruses are the kind of people who say after a while that they knew exactly how things would end, and wonder how everyone else was so blind. Meanwhile, everyone else looks on with remorseful faces and blames themselves for not asking, or rather, not asking Taurus, before it was too late. In any case, Taurus never said anything, but just sat there in silence, but he must have solved a complex puzzle very correctly. He spoke only now, when everything is over and you won’t change anything. Only now he demonstrates iron logic and does not spare the most valuable advice. He had, as it becomes clear, both plan A, and plan B, and all other plans marked with letters of the alphabet. Perhaps it was necessary to hear Taurus respond or to frighten him as necessary, so that he would show wisdom in time and appear no worse than Capricorn and Virgo combined? Why Taurus does not want to explain everything to everyone and thus prevent the catastrophe from happening, is really not clear. Maybe they think that teaching fools is just a waste of time?

9th place – Cancer

Cancer is a born conservative. He knows that it is necessary to train the mind throughout life, and he understands this unequivocally: if necessary, it must be trained. It’s just that nothing is said about the fact that training methods can be alternated, so what was taught at school or a little later is enough. After all, you can get a pension with such resources. And anyway, one should not waste the treasures of wisdom – they will take and run out. The mind, according to Cancers, should be used only when there is an opportunity to talk with some intelligent person. With yourself, first of all.

8th place – Scorpio

They say that genius and villainy are two incompatible qualities, but Scorpios prove otherwise by their example. Perhaps the question arises, why Scorpions did not end up on the first place of the list or even why we still have to talk about other signs of the Zodiac, and not just about Scorpio? After all, with such a mind, it was not only possible to usurp the entire universe long ago, but also to eliminate all other signs with some intergalactic instruction? There is no point in fearing that this will ever happen, because Scorpios are not only gifted with reason, but also with ambition. So, Scorpio, who has not yet had time to understand and reflect on any difficult situation, starts to gallop forward and does it recklessly. However, Scorpios usually liquidate the effects of their emotional breakthroughs very consciously. Fortunately, this is actually true.

7th place – Libra

Seventh place goes to Libra. They also deserve a medal and a diploma confirming that they are equal to Buridan’s donkey of the highest category. When minds were shared in the Celestial Chancellery, Libras received their generous share in the general order, only they forgot to take the instructions with them or soon lost them somehow. That is why now they are not at all clear where the button of rational thinking is and how to stop that crazy pendulum swinging between two extremes – “Maybe you don’t need it after all?” and “You need it, you need it.” On the other hand, when the deficit sensation finally appeared on the counter of heaven , suggesting what to do so that harmony prevails both in the world and inside, Libra swallowed him whole without any scruples. It is precisely this feeling that always saves Libra.

6th place – Capricorn

In the middle of the list is Capricorn, who has enough brains to be shared in a charity event that all the fools in the world flock to. It is true that if Capricorn gave at least a grain of his genius mind to someone who lacked it, the character who was considered a fool just a moment ago would create a new order in the neighboring galaxy. The thing is that Capricorn really knows everything – even how to create a new order. The only thing he does not know is how to live anyway, since the function of earthly wisdom has simply atrophied – like an atavism.

5th place – Leo

In the fifth place – Leos with their lion’s share, which astrologers are very angry about: why exactly Leos are given much more of everything than others, they worry. Where, in the end, is the truth? You will understand everything immediately. It is true that Leos are incredibly intelligent: they absorb knowledge as if by themselves, and demonstrate the power of the intellect without the slightest effort, and moreover, they do not lose their intelligence until old age (they usually live a very long time). Unfortunately, Leos don’t sacrifice the pearls of their powerful mind to help humanity, to make grandiose discoveries, or even to improve themselves. They simply make plans worthy of Napoleon and do it non-stop, starting from the very morning, as soon as they wake up. The only problem is that implementing such plans is no longer an imperial concern.

4th place – Aquarius

Aquarians were just a little short of the smartest three, so now they are obviously not holding their anger: who knows, they really expected first place or even didn’t expect competition at all. Aquarians only pretend to be fools and deliberately display cretinism in everyday, most basic situations. The strategy is just perfect, just don’t be fooled: Aquarians pretend, they don’t show how smart they are, so that no one forces them to think about how to solve complex, but very boring problems.

3rd place – Gemini

Lethargy of the mind, it is known, turns a man into a monster. Any wise and educated citizen would unhesitatingly agree with this idea. Of course, until he experienced for himself what the waking mind is capable of producing, that is, until one fine day he encountered a typical Gemini. Their personality fascinates not only with a sharp mind and exceptional analytical abilities, but also with an uncontrollable fantasy. For her, Gemini undoubtedly deserves the gold that they receive at first, but then lose: trickery should be done in moderation.

2nd place – Virgo

The Silver Medal of Merit is awarded to Virgo. Observing the people of this sign, one can suspect that they have a computer in their head, and before there were no computers, they carried around the library. It is true that the mental abilities of Virgos are usually higher than average, so it is not surprising that they often become real geniuses of deduction. Unfortunately, when Virgos start digging into another person’s soul with the help of sharp and sterile logic, it can come out as a complete nobody. Here is the proof that it is possible to get only trouble and trouble through a wonderful mind.

1st place – Sagittarius

Now it’s time to talk about those who are the smartest according to the horoscope. Sagittarians seem to have everything: both developed intelligence, and earthly wisdom, and talents. However, what helps Sagittarians the most is the endless desire to learn something new throughout their life, improve, develop, and expand their knowledge base. We have to admit that the mind of Sagittarius is simply fantastic. Unfortunately, it would not be possible to find a single Sagittarian who would explain why, being so intelligent, he sometimes acts stupidly like this. This is probably not understood by ordinary mortals: it is a mystery that will remain unsolved forever.

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