this is the last slightly calmer and more favorable day this week

It’s a good time for long-term agreements, well-thought-out commitments. Pay more attention to document processing and checking. Suitable for completing a larger activity cycle. And don’t forget that the Lunar month is coming to an end, so save your energy, don’t waste your (and other people’s) time and energy.

At this time, one more question may become important – this is the assessment of love relationships, the connection with the current partner. The lack of response to your feelings, the lack of reward for sacrifice in the relationship or the lack of mutual understanding, too great a difference in viewpoints… You may have to realize and admit the error of your choice. Just don’t think that luck has passed you by. It’s just that the time of change has come – we will have to find ways to renew feelings, find new ways to communicate. Do not rush to divorce. In these stressful times, it would be healthier to take a break.

You should protect your eyes more today – they will be more tired.

From Wednesday to Thursday, dreams were related to love, family matters, and also reflected your spirituality. It was favorable to dream of green plants, trees, meadows. It was great if everything bloomed, if you saw fruits – this is luck, wealth, love, but it was bad to dream of animals in winter – deception, discord, loneliness.

Bad sign: stumble while walking, fall – you may miss a good opportunity if something falls on you, falls, falls – loss, if a nail breaks – illness.

A good sign: to see lightning, a spark, if a light suddenly turns on above you.

A look ahead: on Friday, favorable colors are dark blue, gold, yellow.

Aries (03 21–04 20). Although there is tension in the air, there will be enough grounds for optimism on Thursday: you will feel the love and attention of those around you. You will be successful in quickly solving old problems and finding the necessary people.

Bull (04 21–05 20). Don’t start new work on Thursday, finish old ones. By the way, don’t try to dive out of your skin at work, even if there is a threat of an unpleasant conversation with the management – pay more attention to the affairs of loved ones and home. Visit your parents.

Twins (05 21–06 21). Thursday will be suitable for writing letters and various statements. It is a suitable time for meetings, renewal of acquaintances, exchange of information, as well as small trips and business trips.

Cancer (06 22–07 22). On Thursday, problems will not disappear, but circumstances will change in your favor, as well as your attitude to existing difficulties. It’s a good time to buy something for your children, grandchildren.

Leo (07 23–08 22). On Thursday, you will be full of energy, glowing with happiness and luck will accompany you. It is favorable to start long-term new works. It will be appropriate to take on urgent matters, as well as those that require your personal initiative.

Virgin (08 23–09 22). Don’t rush things on Thursday – postpone current affairs for next week. And don’t want more than you can, be content with the way things are.

Scales (09 23–10 23). On Thursday, you can receive long-awaited news, find long-sought information. Take note of what you learn today – it will explain a lot and will be an important reference for a long time.

Scorpio (10 24–11 22). On Thursday, it is worth taking up postponed work. And try to guess more so that nothing serious should be postponed until tomorrow. If you receive interesting offers – postpone the decision.

Sagittarius (11 23–12 21). On Thursday, you will be in an upbeat mood, and the attention of those around you. It will be appropriate to take on tasks that you are not going to finish soon. It is worth communicating with foreigners. Don’t refuse an invitation.

Capricorn (12 22–01 19). Thursday is a busy but useful day, you will be able to get a lot done. Rely on your intuition and you will find the most optimal solution.

Aquarius (01 20–02 18). On Thursday, those who agree with their spouse, who have good friends, will be more successful. So try to coordinate your needs and plans first with your significant other and find time to meet friends.

Fish (02 19–03 20). On Thursday, take up postponed work, try to fulfill an unfulfilled promise, otherwise you may suffer as a result tomorrow. If you feel exploited by your employer, you can rebel peacefully: your opinion will be respected (although positive changes will have to wait).

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