this sign is waiting for a meeting with its guardian angel


Do important work in the first decade – you will be successful, you will be appreciated! Do not rush events in the second decade, because even if you try, fate will stop you. Better let beautiful wishes and big ambitions mature. Strengthen health, make repairs at home. You will also be positively affected by communication with friends – they will support you not only morally. The second decade is an unstable time when everything can turn upside down: be it business, financial matters, or relationships with your partner (unresolved family conflicts can lead to divorce). The third decade is happy, you will manage to find a way out. By the way, dating at the end of the month is fateful, a happy infatuation is possible.


You will feel cool in the first half of the month and you will be prone to adventures both in love and business affairs. And they will be successful! In the first week, you will be more dependent on family support, the goodwill of your partners, and this will not be a good time to contradict them. The first decade will be the most productive and useful. In the second decade, remain moderate in financial matters, do not change your plans and remain loyal to your chosen ones – innovations will disappoint you. The third decade will be favorable for activities, travels, development of business relations, and solving financial problems. It’s a good time to strengthen your health.


You will want rest and peace. However, the first decade of the month will be favorable for active activities, solving important business issues, responsible meetings and agreements, and travel. In the second decade, things will start to get stuck and during this time it is better to stay away from work matters and focus on the family. It is with loved ones that you will feel stronger and safer. By the way, in the middle of the month, avoid arguments with family or relatives about money, property or inheritance. In the third decade, optimism will increase, success will begin more often and accumulated problems will be solved. This will be an extremely good opportunity for nurturing a warm and harmonious relationship. At the end of the month, happy romances are likely.


Fun and useful first decade of the month. A good breakthrough in your life will imperceptibly happen, a long-cherished dream will come true! The rapid change of events, various surprises will not let you get bored in the second decade. You may have to suddenly reorient, make willful or even unpopular decisions. In the third decade, things will start to get stuck in place if you rush them or take on several tasks at once. The end of the month will be more pleasant if you postpone business activities and take a short rest at home. New happy romantic acquaintances are also expected at this time.


Consistent and thoughtful actions will bring benefits and success already in the first decade of the month. It’s true, you shouldn’t overdo the second one: unexpected success can tempt you to a reckless adventure, which can be completed successfully, and the strength, money and time to implement the idea can come as early as the third week of the month. Especially from 11 to 19 be more attentive to hunches. They will help to avoid secret revenge of enemies and not to get involved in dangerous intrigues. It is worth communicating more, making new acquaintances in the third decade. Right now, a fateful and happy meeting with a person who will become your support, guardian angel (this can be a friend or a loved one) is possible. This time is favorable for creative activity and its presentation to society.


Don’t do anything new until your birthday. Completing old works, repaying debts must be the most important task. After the birthday, it is worth doing something new and significant. Do not be afraid of changes, experiments. You may be able to interest the necessary persons with your ideas, find like-minded people, good employees or helpers. You will be most vulnerable in the second decade, when it will be important to maintain what has been achieved in the relationship with a loved one, in activities, and in finances. At this time, there is a threat of fraud and loss. The most active end of the month, when it is worth planning important work, because it is a time of benefit and profit.


Do not take on any additional work or start anything new until your birthday. True, the first decade can bring unexpected success if you pay attention to once unexploited opportunities, if you do something with former like-minded people or old friends. Success will await you far from home, so accept offers for cooperation from foreigners. Do not plan anything important for the second decade. This is a tricky time. Just get the job done. It is important to protect your health, save money and avoid conflicts with management. It is not advisable to undertake repairs at home: then you will not experience stress, injuries and disappointments. In the last week of the month, things will take a turn for the better and everything will work out in your favor.


From the beginning of the month, free time will decrease, you will have to concentrate on work, so don’t waste your time in vain, because the second decade is a useless, empty time when it is worth stepping away from work and resting. At that time, it is advisable to be more careful when making acquaintances, handling documents, driving a car: accidents, accidents, theft and fraud are possible. From the 19th everything will start to change, a time of unexpected but good changes will begin. Stay bold, don’t be afraid of experiments: innovation is good! This will be a good time for both changing the workplace and moving to a new place of residence. A secret love affair may develop or an old relationship may be renewed…


In the first decade, the risk will pay off. Brave and persistent people will achieve a lot at that time, so it’s worth being maximalists! A rather slippery second decade, when everything will calm down and it seems that everything is safe and reliable, unexpected problems may arise with friends, children, with a loved one, spouse and finally with health. Save energy, time and money, because there is a threat of forced expenses, injuries or even accidents. Problems will be solved in the third decade, which will be favorable for managing important work matters. This will be a good time to change the workplace, accept new activity offers. A romantic end of the month, when new feelings can develop unexpectedly.


The beginning of the month is suitable for implementing old plans and developing activities. If you are supported by partners, you can safely take risks in your activities. It’s time to invest money in business development and your health. The first week also promises a happy romantic acquaintance. You can meet your match at this time. Both educational and business trips are favorable for the first two decades. True, from 11 to 19 it will be a rather unpleasant time, with possible problems due to competition in activities and career, and also possible tension at home. Maintain a good relationship with your partner, do not get involved in arguments and clarification of the relationship. Now it will be important to tell yourself “stop” in time! The third decade is fun again, when you find a great way out of the difficulties that have arisen. You will be charming, you will intrigue those around you, so people will flock to you. A service romance is also possible.


Although it will not be easy, the first two decades will be a time of necessary transformation. Now you will understand your foul, you will see what you missed and what you did not use. You will realize your real strength and find ways to close old gaps and take what you had lost or overlooked. This time will be useful not only for solving old work problems, but also for managing insurance, credit, and tax matters. Failure (good or bad) will leave your life in the third decade. True charisma will be revealed. New offers await, new opportunities will open. Passionate love is at risk.


The first decade is great for implementing old ideas, looking for a better job: there will be sincere helpers, influential intercessors. The second decade will bring shocks: fate can take away from you what does not belong to you. This is a risky time where restraint is important. Be attentive and careful not to get involved in a public scandal, which will involve not only your business activities, but also your personal life. Do not be frivolous in the financial sphere, because losses are more likely than profits. In the third decade, you will begin to relax, and it will be a good opportunity to fall in love passionately, to cover up problems with your partner or work partners.

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