this week is such that it would be wise to just rest

Aries (03 21–04 20)

Intriguing start of the week – new offers, unexpected meetings. However, it will not be as it immediately appears: if you believe a rumor, you can be seduced by a new person or job, by the beautiful promises of an adventurer, and get involved in serious conflicts.

This week it is better to hide your plans, avoid anger with your spouse, chef, children. It will not be so easy to implement your intentions – you may face opposition from both relatives and management. Even if you are satisfied with your spouse and your job, you must remain vigilant so as not to be drawn into other people’s games, not to give in to provocations. Sunday and Monday are only time for relaxation.

Taurus (04 21–05 20)

You can fall victim to extremes – you will want what you can’t have, you will love someone you shouldn’t (or vice versa), and when you get something, it turns out that you don’t need it anymore.

From Tuesday, personal ambitions will encourage you to fight harder for recognition, high evaluation, ideas and the opportunity to implement them. But this is an unfavorable time to try your luck, especially since you may unexpectedly have to take care of your loved ones more.

Be more tactful in your communication – you can make enemies among colleagues, neighbors who will step in at the fateful moment. Throughout the week, be more careful when driving, be more careful of thieves.

Gemini (05 21–06 21)

It is possible that you will feel that you are fed up with everything, you will want to change, and if something has been depressing you for a long time, you may decide to give up something, leave an unpleasant business, break a relationship with a person who has already become a part of your life.

In the second half of the week, you will have to solve financial problems, handle real estate matters – be more careful, take your time. Do not buy valuable things, furniture, do not plan trips and responsible meetings. Perform tasks more carefully at work, be more careful about theft. There will be a greater chance of injury.

Cancer (06 22–07 22)

The beginning of the week is twofold – you will be strong, energetic, but also overly demanding, categorical and stubborn. Demand less from others. This is not the time to give ultimatums to children, spouse, loved ones, and authorities at work. The whole week will be difficult for love, so don’t hold on too much to him/her, especially if it’s a new acquaintance, but don’t drive it either – it’s a time when it’s hard to understand what’s good and what’s bad.

Don’t try to do as much as possible on Friday and Saturday – it’s a time to relax. Otherwise, you may feel bad and be upset for no apparent reason. Do not be suspicious, do not listen to gossip about your spouse or loved one – it may be a “broken phone”.

Leo (07 23–08 22)

This week is not suitable for many things – neither to reveal your opinion to someone, nor to express your feelings to the one(s) you like so much. You will have to show self-control, because you may have to clarify relationships – both business and romantic. Be more open-minded when you learn something “unexpected” about your loved one from well-wishing acquaintances, relatives or neighbors.

You will be extremely tense this week, so you may suddenly decide on some fateful change, especially if one of your friends pushes you to do so. Now is an incredible time to change something in your life. Be more careful with money, especially in the second half of the week.

Virgo (08 23–09 22)

A lot of hard work, but don’t expect good results – this week you will often find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Show less in the company of strangers, do not make new romantic acquaintances, communicate more calmly with loved ones, avoid arguments about expenses or laziness.

If in the second half of the week you feel that you are tired of endless worries, an increased workload, do not rush to go to your boss for consolation, to ask for a higher salary or a bonus. This week, it will be important to find a common language with everyone, to remain diplomatic when your interests (not only heart, but also monetary) are violated.

Libra (09 23–10 23)

From Tuesday, put aside important matters, otherwise your optimistic career plans may hang in the balance. Try to act very carefully, diplomatically, so as not to spoil the relationship with the management and get the promised promotion. Be more careful with business partners if you have to deal with financial problems.

When communicating with those around you, be careful, don’t give in to the other extreme – you can get hurt both because of your good heart and because of your gullibility. Avoid giving advice, don’t rush to help. Don’t discuss your love affairs with anyone – don’t complain, don’t say anything bad about your loved one or spouse

Scorpio (10 24-11 22)

From Tuesday, there is no time that promises unexpected worries – both business and personal. It will be a difficult week: work equipment will be damaged, there will be disagreements with colleagues and subordinates. Unexpected injuries are also possible. Drive more carefully – possible car breakdowns, accidents.

On Friday and Saturday, do not try to solve financial problems – debts may increase even more.

These days will be a test of your health and nerve strength when communicating with loved ones, especially a loved one – you will suddenly see and see his/her flaws. Thoughts will certainly not be bright and correct.

Sagittarius (11 23–12 21)

You won’t be nervous about everything, so it won’t take much to throw you off balance. This is a time of loss – be careful with your money. It is not advisable to take a loan, borrow or lend money, or take out insurance this week. If you expect less attention from your loved one this week, you won’t be disappointed either.

You will tend to dramatize everything, so it is not worth explaining the relationship, asking: “Do you love?”

You won’t know the truth at this point. Even if you hear good things, you will still tend to accuse him/her of ungratefulness and your patience will come to an end.

Capricorn (12 22–01 19)

Do not plan anything important for the beginning of the week – it is a time of disintegration of plans, unexpected conflicts, accidents. And not surprisingly, the amplitude of your moods will be wide, from euphoria to sudden disappointment. Try not to bother anyone with your ideas and demands.

In the second half of the week, avoid taking risks with money and property, do not sign responsible documents, do not lend or borrow anything from anyone. On Friday and Saturday, you will want to do the work of the year, but not everything will turn out as you want, you may even spoil something. Relationships with a loved one may suffer due to overwork.

Aquarius (01 20–02 18)

You will be more susceptible to the influence of the environment, so try to distance yourself from unhappy or hysterical persons – they will infect you with similar problems and encourage anger with relatives and loved ones. Be prepared to take things lightly – humor will come in handy. It would be best to rest this week. If you are going to work, do not let those around you involve you in their affairs, do not get involved in intrigues, do not risk money. You have to save your energy – while helping everyone, you won’t have time to focus on yourself, live in peace, silence.

Fraudulent Friday, Saturday – you will do everything only from the best motives, but it will turn out the other way around, even worse than usual. On Sunday, you will become more critical of everyone who comes into your sight.

Pisces (02 19–03 20)

From Tuesday, prepare for worries – they will be enough for the whole week. These are troubles at work, worries about health, spouse, broken equipment, transport. Beware of long fingers and long tongues. The most important thing – do not get involved in love adventures, especially avoid indulging in a secret affair – it will exhaust you. By the way, when you want to end it all, you won’t know how to do it anymore.

Even if you are single, do not get involved in love adventures – this week’s romantic encounters do not bode well. Do not plan responsible work for Friday. On that day and on Saturday, rest peacefully at home – forget your worries, troubles, and fear. Optimism will return from Sunday.

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