To Ukraine – congratulations from Putin’s accomplice Lukashenka

He wishes Ukrainians “a peaceful sky, tolerance, courage, strength and success in restoring a dignified life,” an official statement said.

“I am convinced that the current confrontation will not be able to destroy the long-standing foundation of sincere good neighborly relations between the two nations. “Belarus will continue to advocate for the preservation of harmony, the development of friendly and mutually respectful relations at all levels,” A. Lukashenko’s greeting reads.

A. Lukashenka is considered the closest ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin. And from the territory of Belarus they are still carried out attacks on Ukraine.

“A. Lukashenko is a collaborator. He dragged Belarus into this war, and in order to keep him in power, Russia is doing everything that is required of him,” Belarusian opposition leader Sviatlana Cichanouskaja said recently.

According to her, today it is clear that the Kremlin already had plans for war and therefore left A. Lukashenka in power. This allows the Russian armed forces to attack Ukraine from the territory of Belarus, criticized S. Cichanouskaja, who lives in Vilnius.

In early August, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that Russia continues to deliver military equipment to Belarus.

According to the headquarters, additional troops and air defense systems are being deployed on the territory of Belarus, including the border zone with the Volyn region of western Ukraine.

Belarus has not officially joined Russia’s war against Ukraine, but Minsk allows Moscow to use its territory to attack the country.

Ukraine does not cut off diplomatic relations with Belarus yet, although it considers it an accomplice of criminal aggression, in order not to give A. Lukashenko additional excuses to make “these or other decisions”.

This was stated by Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba in an interview with the Ukrinform news agency, commenting on the launch of 20 missiles from the territory of Belarus at the beginning of August.

“We have no illusions about Belarus. We soberly analyze the events and try not to give Lukashenko additional excuses to make these or other decisions. I have already said publicly, and my position has not changed: if the armed forces of Belarus enter the territory of Ukraine, I will immediately propose to break diplomatic relations with it,” the minister emphasized.

According to him, it does not make sense to associate shelling of Ukraine from the territory of Belarus with festive dates.

“The fact that Russian bombers fly in the airspace of Belarus is our daily reality. I want to emphasize once again that Belarus is an accomplice of criminal aggression against Ukraine, there is no doubt about that. Therefore, there will be no excuses for her”, stated D. Kuleba.

On July 28, the day of Ukraine’s statehood, more than 20 rockets were launched from the territory of Belarus, 9 of which fell in the forests of the Chernihiv region.

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