Tomatoes only grow abundantly, but they are poorly matched. Why this happens and what to do

There can be several reasons for the problem, but the most common one is excessive fertilization. After receiving too much fertilizer, plants intensively grow green mass, but do not form inflorescences.

Marite Gailite, a specialist from the “Latvijas darznieks” association, adds that overuse of fertilizers is not the only reason for the low yield of tomatoes – others are also likely. For example, a lot is determined by the variety, as well as the schedule of watering and fertilization.

The problem of tomato failure can also be caused by a lack of nutrients, because in this case the plants simply do not have the strength to form inflorescences. Sudden temperature jumps or excessive heat, in which the flowers become sterile, also have values.

However, most of the time, tomato failure, as already mentioned, has to be associated with excessive fertilization. Sandra Marcinkeviča, the owner of the agricultural company “Dobites”, says that strong, dark green and large leaves can be a sign that there is too much nitrogen in the soil, and it is this element that stimulates the growth of green mass, but does not encourage flowering and fruiting.

“Often, at the beginning of the season, the soil is fertilized with everything you can find: compost, manure, nettle infusion, biohumus, etc. There is too much nitrogen in this whole cocktail. It blocks the assimilation of other nutrients, so the plants turn green perfectly,” explains S. Marcinkeviča.

What to do? You won’t do anything this year, but next year you must be more careful and not overdo it when fertilizing tomatoes.
By the way, in the vastness of the Internet, one can find one tip that promises the appearance of rings in just a few days. In order for this to happen, the soil must be mixed with sawdust: it will absorb the nitrogen fertilizers and the plants will finally be able to do what they are supposed to do – bloom, set fruits and ripen them.

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