Traders don’t have to worry about it – hiring a worker can solve a part of it

The old adage, agree according to reason, obey according to reason is also valid in business. The clothing of an employee, especially those who interact with customers on a daily basis, plays an important role in shaping our image. Neat, uniform style, comfortable clothes are not only trusted by the company, but are also a pleasure for the employees who wear them.

It is not uncommon for mons, who have decided to dress their employees, to choose clothes for rent. In Danu’s case, it pays more than buying or sitting. Especially since it is extremely convenient: you no longer have to worry about anything, and the employees always look neat and create an authentic image of the company. According to Renata Kasparaviiens, head of the customer service department at Lindstrm Sbarbi, the trend of renting work clothes for women in the retail sector has been growing for some time.

The employer’s approach to the employee and his working conditions are changing, and the employees value this more and more. Comfortable, appropriate and neat work clothes are really important, they show respect to the employer and to their companies and customers. Properly selected work clothes strengthen the brand image, which creates our face and helps to increase customer confidence. At the moment, we are observing the increasing interest of merchants and the need for rental work clothes, says R. Kasparaviien.

Values ​​both services and service quality

Lindstrm, the leader in textile rental services, has been cooperating with various businesses for many years, helping them to purchase suitable work clothes and the necessary textiles and carpet rentals in stores.

According to our representative, the domestic trade sector is distinguished by the fact that it requires exclusivity, unique solutions, and convenience more than anywhere else. Therefore, in the Danish case, individually designed work clothes are created for the store, representative office, and salon teams, and corresponding models and color ranges are selected for different departments.

The chain of construction, repair and household goods stores Kesko Senukai Lithuania has refused to buy clothes for four years and has chosen to partner with Lindstrom. the benefit of the services provided by this company outweighs the scales in favor of renting clothes, and full-fledged service is more than worth it, assures one of the largest merchants in Lithuania. For the past four years, in cooperation with Lindstrm, Kesko Senukai Lithuania rents not only work clothes, but also replacement carpets.

The company wants the Senuk employees to look redundant, so they need neat, clean, even work clothes. Therefore, not only the quality of work is important, but also service, its speed, reliability. The company assured that Lindstrm can be trusted: they do what they need accurately and quickly, the employees competently provide the necessary information, respond promptly and are sensitive to the customer’s wishes, as well as individual, specific solutions.

mon reflective design

two collections are created for one poor company so that its employees are comfortable both in the long term and in autumn or winter. And sometimes Lindstrm’s customers choose to have a wider model range and leave their employees free to choose the most suitable and pleasing clothes from it.

Renata Kasparaviien, head of the customer service department of the company Lindstrm Sarbi.

For example, the employees of Kesko Senukai Lithuania have a sufficiently large range of models, tailored exclusively for the company, and they choose what to wear from it. A unified clothing line helps to improve the overall image of the company, as well as the quality of service, employees always look neat.

Each client’s situation is assessed individually and appropriate solutions are sought, says R. Kasparaviien, when asked whether individual design is chosen only by large women, or whether solutions are also available for small women. It depends on several aspects, for example, the number of employees, the model of work clothes, its equipment and the like. We always assess the needs of customers, participate in the creation or creation of clothing designs and models, adapting them for industrial washing.

Service from A to Z

of course, merchants can also buy or borrow labor. Therefore, buying clothes and renting are difficult things to compare, because the Lindstrm service is much more than buying clothes. It also includes measurement, purchase, preparation, full access during the second time, laundry, replacement in time, transportation, locker rental, e-system for managing the entire process and many more services.

When renting work clothes, I also asked for a proper quality control check, because Lindstrm, which works in accordance with the highest safety and standard requirements, deals with access, quality control and replacement of worn clothes. Therefore, it is possible to compare the purchase of clothing with its rental only by evaluating all aspects that the employer will have to consider in the case of purchase.

We provide various assistance to clients in the administration of any of the rental services we provide. In order to manage services, submit orders, receive and follow up-to-date information, it is easier than ever eLindstrom website. Employees of the customer service department are always ready to help and answer any questions. We are an international company that has earned a reputation as a reliable company through our work, so we strive to maintain it by constantly looking for flexible, sustainable and innovative solutions for our customers, emphasizes R. Kasparaviien.

Less stress, more sustainability

Lindstrom supports workwear from its selection to the recycling of waste materials, so people can focus more on their direct activities and avoid additional costs.

We save time, because individual stores directly send orders to employees in the e-system. It is no longer necessary to store it, and we get clothes for new employees even faster than buying them. A person who has finished his shift no longer has to worry about clothes, their maintenance, clothes or anything else: after a rest day’s work, they find clothes, neat and ready to wear work clothes, the Kesko Senukai Lithuania representative mentions the advantages of renting clothes.

Mamenin trade representatives are faced with a higher turnover of employees than in other sectors. When a new employee arrives, it is necessary to solve the issues of work clothes again, to select, adapt, to prepare a set of new clothes, to rely on the clothes of the former employee. ia Lindstrom also comes to the rescue in this case, the e-system and the corresponding work rb encling are of great help: UHF RFID chips are integrated in each of them, facilitating the tracking of the rb’s use.

Renting work clothes is also a step towards greater sustainability. When renting work clothes, their access and wear is much friendlier to nature than carrying everything yourself. R. Kasparaviien emphasizes that sustainability is one of the core values ​​of Lindstrom, therefore all the company’s operational processes are oriented in this direction.

When washing industrially in certified laundries, not only the highest hygiene is ensured, but also less detergent and water are consumed, electricity is saved, CO2 emissions are reduced and less textile waste remains. Undoubtedly, we are also interested in recycling work clothes, Lindstrom’s expert reveals a more sustainable way of using clothes.

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