Trapped Russian occupiers: all the bridges have been destroyed – you will neither leave nor enter

The transcript of the intercepted telephone conversation between a Russian soldier and his wife was made public by the Main Intelligence Board of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

“They blew up all the bridges, now you can neither leave nor enter. There are no vacations there, absolutely zero movement,” the Russian commented on the situation to his wife.

The spouse tried to say that the Antonivka bridge “has already been rebuilt, patched up everything”. Only her husband denies such information: “They didn’t restore anything, it broke in half and fell into the river.”

The woman also told her husband about the current affairs of her husband’s military unit.

Allegedly, the commanders of the occupiers declared that “there will be no rotation in Ukraine”. Exceptions may only be made for members of the National Guard. According to the woman, most of the Russian soldiers go on vacation and do not plan to return to the front.

Such soldiers are invited for “individual interviews”. If there are no results, they are “dismissed according to the article”.

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