Truss to move into 10 Downing Street with teenage daughters and husband

Frances and Liberty, believed to be aged 16 and 13 respectively, will be the first teenagers to live at the famous address since 1997 when the children of then Labor Prime Minister Tony Blair moved there.

The Times called the girls’ move “an idea straight out of a sitcom: a teenage girl at the height of brashness, irresponsibility and disrespect for her parents growing up in Downing Street”.

But Truss, 47, has so far carefully shielded her daughters from any publicity.

In several photos that she has posted on the social network Instagram, the girls are seen from behind: walking in school uniforms or riding scooters in the park.

Reporters found out their ages from photos of birthday cakes.

A source told The Times that Ms Truss would continue to “vigilantly protect their privacy”.

During the campaign for the Tory leadership, Ms Truss said her daughters, who reportedly attend state schools, were heavily involved behind the scenes.

“My children were one and four when I was elected [parlamentare 2010 metais], that’s why I always say that there was no other way for her to live, – the Prime Minister told the newspaper. “I talk to them about politics all the time.”

According to Mr Truss, Frances is “perhaps more centrist” and Liberty is “perhaps a bit more conservative”, but “both are very supportive of me”.

Frances, who studied computing at school, worked in the digital team at the election campaign headquarters, Truss told The Daily Telegraph.

Liberty often attended campaign meetings and “gave me a lot of political advice without hesitation”, added the new head of government.

Liberty has been spotted repeatedly wearing a “Liz to the Leaders” jersey during the election campaign, French daily Le Monde reported.

Truss told the Daily Express in August that her daughters were “very happy” and Liberty “keeps asking if her friends can stay over sometimes if I get to the 10th house”.

Restrained posture

T. Blair, who worked as prime minister for 10 years, raised three teenagers at the same time.

Mr Blair’s eldest son Euan became famous when he, then aged 16, was found by police lying drunk on a pavement in central London.

He moved to Downing Street when he was 13.

Later, only babies and pre-adolescent children lived in the prime minister’s residence, diligently protected from media intrusions.

Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie’s two young children – Wilfred, two, and Romy, who was born last December – were only photographed from behind.

The often photographed and discussed children of US presidents, such as Chelsea Clinton or Obama’s daughters Sasha and Malia, lived a completely different life.

Although Ms Truss posed with her financier husband Hugh O’Leary outside the black door of 10 Downing Street, she insists her husband prefers to avoid the limelight.

“He’s a great man, but I don’t expect him to be involved in government affairs,” Truss told The Telegraph in July.

She added that her husband, 48, is “fantastically” supportive but “it’s probably fair to say he never wanted to be on the front lines of politics”.

The couple met at the Conservative Party convention. Born in Liverpool, Mr O’Leary unsuccessfully sought to become a councillor.

The couple got married in 2000. A few years later, reports surfaced of Truss’s affair with a married MP that could have ruined her career. Spouses withstood this test and remained together.

Through St. Truss took to Instagram on Valentine’s Day to call O’Leary the “love of her life”.

Friends told The Guardian newspaper that Mr O’Leary would not want to live in Downing Street full-time and “will not be Denis” – like Margaret Thatcher’s loyal husband.

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