Ukraine has admitted for the first time that it struck Russian military bases in Crimea

Ukrainian forces “successfully carried out missile strikes on the enemy’s military bases, including the Saki airfield,” V. Zaluzhn was quoted as saying in an article by the Ukrinform news agency.

At least one person was killed and military aviation equipment was destroyed during large explosions at the Sakai air base in August. Moscow interpreted the incident as an accident.

However, some experts who analyzed the satellite images concluded that the attack was probably carried out by Ukrainian forces – although Kyiv did not publicly acknowledge its role at the time.

The Ukrainian military sarcastically commented on Russia’s “technical malfunctions” and quipped that they could have been caused by smoking in unauthorized areas.

In the mentioned article, V. Zaluzhnas called the efforts of his armed forces “successful” in recent weeks to “physically transfer combat operations” to the territory of Crimea.

Russia is using the peninsula as one of the most important springboards to attack Ukraine during Moscow’s February invasion. However, in the earlier months of the war, Crimea was rarely a target.

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