Ukraine shot down a drone transferred by Iran to Russia for the first time

“Ukraine’s armed forces destroyed an Iranian-made unmanned aerial vehicle near Kupyansk for the first time,” a Ukrainian statement said.

According to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, an analysis of the appearance of the drone’s wing elements suggests that the Shahed-136 drone was shot down.

In late August, Pentagon sources told the Washington Post that the Russian military had received the first batch of Iranian-made combat drones from Tehran.

Two types of drones were said to have been sent to Russia in early August, but according to available intelligence, the Russian leadership was very unhappy with the results of the first drone tests, which revealed that many of the drones were defective.

According to the Pentagon, Russia is buying two types of drones from Iran – Mohajer-6 and Shahed. In part, Moscow was forced to turn to Iran for help because sanctions and export controls imposed on the Russian economy make it much more difficult to produce its own combat drones.

Ukrainian forces make extensive use of drones supplied by the United States and other allies, especially Turkey.

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