Ukraine summoned the Vatican’s apostolic nuncio over the Pope’s comments about Dugin

On Wednesday, during the general audience, the Pope called D. Dugin “an innocent victim of war”. “Innocents suffer because of war,” the pontiff said. According to him, D. Dugina is “a poor girl who was blown up by a bomb placed under a car seat in Moscow.”

Ukraine’s foreign ministry expressed its disappointment with the pope’s comments on Thursday, saying they “incorrectly” equate “the aggressor with the victim.” The ministry added that such statements cause “confusion” in the face of the war caused by Russia in Ukraine.

29-year-old D. Dugina died on Sunday night when her car exploded near Moscow. It is believed that the real target of the attack was her father. A. Dugin, sometimes referred to as “Putin’s Rasputin” or “Putin’s brain”, previously advocated for a long time the unification of Russian-speaking territories into a huge new Russian empire and actively supported Russia’s current war in Ukraine. D. Dugina also supported the war.

Moscow blames Ukraine for this attack. Kyiv categorically denies this.

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