Ukraine’s advice to the occupiers: it’s time not to mess around, you’re going to get hurt

According to him, the successful attack of the armed forces of Ukraine in the south of Kharkiv showed Russia and the whole world several very important things. First, Ukraine has proven that it can liberate its territories from Russian occupiers, and will continue to do so.

The Kremlin’s hopes to force Kyiv to freeze the conflict are not destined to come true. The second thing: Ukrainian fighters once again showed the highest military prowess, overcoming the defense of the occupiers and moving as much as 50 kilometers in a few days.

Not to mention, the Ukrainian settlements were liberated without the Russians’ favorite fire tactics and destruction.

“Ukraine has proven that it can creatively and effectively use Western weapons,” added M. Podoliaks. At the end of his post, he gave a final piece of advice to the Russian occupiers, reminding them that it’s time not to leave Ukrainian land: “You’re going to be hurt.”

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