Ukraine’s intelligence chief: Russians are beginning to understand that this is their war

According to the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence, the Russians have begun to understand that their army is not so powerful, their anti-missile defense systems are not so good, and the armed forces of the Russian Federation cannot actually defend the temporarily seized territories.

“It is not at all the second most powerful army in the world, and not even the fourth. And the day of retribution will dawn. You understand, you will have to pay, such a day is already coming for the ordinary people of the country, when they start to see and feel that the war is not going on somewhere in another corner of the world, but in their home. Therefore, the turning point has already begun”, said K. Budanovas.

On Wednesday, the head of Ukraine’s defense ministry said that Russia’s military offensive had slowed down due to the moral and physical exhaustion of Russian troops and Moscow’s dwindling resource base. This assessment of the current situation at the front testifies that, as Kyiv guesses, Russia’s offensive power is weakening.

“Russia is slowing down its attack quite drastically. The reason for this is dwindling resources and moral and physical fatigue from hostilities,” says K. Budanovas.

Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Moscow had specifically slowed down its offensive in Ukraine, which he said was prompted by “the need to reduce civilian casualties.”

K. Budanov also said that Russia’s anti-missile defense systems in Crimea, annexed by the country, “do not work very well.” As reported by the Reuters agency, this comment to a question about a series of explosions on the peninsula, for which Ukraine has not officially claimed responsibility, was one of the most obvious hints that Ukraine may strike there again.

“Crimea is supposedly protected by Russia’s best anti-missile defense systems. But they do not work as they should, and are not capable of defending the territories taken from Ukraine,” said K. Budanov.

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