Ukrainian forces entered the border town: see where the rags of the “Russian world” are rolling

The village is 44 km north of Kharkiv and 6 km south of the Russian border and was occupied by the invading forces for six months.

“This is our heroic village elder, who defended herself here today honorably. And you see, this morning Mikhailivna raised the Ukrainian flag over our village council. This means that today the elder of our village has returned to her professional duties”, said the mayor of Derhači district Viačeslav Zadorenka.

“Glory to Ukraine!”

“Glory to the heroes,” replies the village elder.

“Today is the 11th of September, and we are in our dear home, in the settlement of Kozača Lopane. This is how the local residents welcome us,” said V. Zadorenka.

“Glory to the heroes!”

“Kozacha (Lopane) is and will be Ukraine. There is no “Russian world” here. See for yourself where the rags of the “Russian world” are rolling. Glory to Ukraine, glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” said V. Zadorenka.

The Derhachi district includes several satellite cities of Kharkiv and stretches all the way to the Russian border.

Part of this district, such as Kozača Lopane, was still occupied by Russian forces. Ukrainian forces have advanced north of Kharkiv and are also pushing south and east in the same region, Ukraine’s commander-in-chief, General Valery Zaluzhn, said.

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