Ukrainian forces reportedly capture highly valuable ‘bird’

At the beginning of the week, when the Ukrainian armed forces launched a counterattack in the direction of Kherson, a lieutenant colonel of the rapid reaction regiment was captured by the Ukrainians in the battles near Balaklia. On September 8, more than one internet source started announcing that the Ukrainian armed forces had captured much more valuable loot than previously thought, informs “Ukraine 365”.

Many experts and journalists claim that the well-known former commander of the Western Military District Andrey Sychev can be seen in the video. He was a lieutenant general.

If you carefully compare the lieutenant colonel’s face in the footage and A. Sychev’s photo, you can see a lot of similar facial features.

The fact that A. Sychev was really in Ukraine at that time is a fact. At the beginning of the week, Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsimbaliuk published an article about Russian generals removed from their positions due to insufficient results on the battlefield in Ukraine.

A. Sychev is mentioned among them. The possibility that he was not only dismissed from the post of ZVO commander, but his military rank was also lowered, therefore, the possibility that the defenders of Ukraine captured the lieutenant general in the Balaklia district cannot be ruled out.

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