Ukrainian general Zaluzhn sends a message to the Russians: we will destroy without mercy

This was spoken by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valery Zaluzhn, in response to the partial mobilization announced by Vladimir Putin.

V. Zaluzhnas reminded that Ukrainians have been trying to counter Russian aggression against their country for eight years and seven months.

“The large-scale attack of the enemy did not frighten us. Not only that, we united and met the enemy with honor. The fact that mobilization has been announced in Russia only confirms this,” he wrote.

V. Zaluzhnas added that hundreds of thousands of men and women defend our land, their homes, children and the future of Ukraine.

“For this reason, no statements of the country’s aggressor military-political authorities will affect our readiness to fight for our freedom. We will mercilessly destroy all those who come to our land with a weapon in their hand – whether voluntarily or due to mobilization,” says the commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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