Ukrainian intelligence: the Russians have a terrible plan for the defenders of Azovstal

The Russians are reported to be hastily refurbishing the remaining ones Mariupol premises of the philharmonic hall, are installing iron cages on the stage, in which, it is said, they will keep the defenders. Several new temporary structures are also being built near the premises, UNIAN writes.

“In order to give a kind of ‘legitimacy’ to this action, the occupiers are preparing specially trained ‘witnesses’ and bringing representatives of the Russian ‘media’,” according to intelligence.

In one possible scenario, the Russians could launch a targeted missile attack indoors and try to shift the blame. Ukraine.

We remind you that on the night of July 29 in Olenivka, in the building in which to store of war prisoners from the Azovstal factory, there was an explosion. Immediately after it Russia accused the Ukrainian armed forces of shelling the colony. According to Russia, more than 50 Ukrainian defenders were killed, the number of wounded is unknown.

Ukrainian law enforcement authorities said the explosion in Olenivka was an act of Russian terrorism aimed at covering up war crimes, discrediting Ukraine’s armed forces and disrupting arms supplies. Ukraine demanded that the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross immediately respond to the terrorist attack and send an inspection mission to the territory of the colony.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, the attack was carried out by “Vagner” mercenaries under the personal instructions of the owner Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking about the terrorist attack in Olenivka, noted that it is necessary to legally recognize Russia as a “state sponsor of terrorism.”

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