Ukrainian traitor found dead – DELFI

Citing sources in the occupied territory, Ukrainian journalist Andrei Caplienka announces that O. Kovaliov was stabbed to death in his own home in Hola Prystane.

Oleksiy Kovaliov, a rich landowner of Kherson, entered the parliament with the Sluga Narody party and unexpectedly offered his services to the occupiers at the beginning of the invasion. He made sure that his products were supplied to Russia via Crimea. “There has already been an attempt to kill O. Kovaliov, and the partisans have openly announced that the man is their priority target,” says the journalist.

Serhijus Khlanas, adviser to the head of the military administration of Kherson, also reported on O. Kovaliov’s death on Facebook.

“Information has emerged that former parliamentarian-traitor Oleksiy Kovalev was killed in the Železnij Port resort. These data need to be clarified, but it is interesting that the propaganda media also announced the death of their “minister”, although [informacija] was immediately removed”, says S. Chlanas.

S. Chlan did not specify which specific media outlets published messages about O. Kovaliov’s death. In the morning, the occupation authorities of the Kherson region had not yet commented on the information about the murder.

On April 28, the faction of the Sluga Narody party suspended O. Kovaliov’s membership in the party and the faction because, according to the faction, the MP communicated with Russian soldiers in the Kherson region.

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