Unknown facts about the singer Gabrieli Vageli have come to light

– What inspires you to live?

– People around me. Not only my environment, but also those from the world of music or fashion that I observe, I draw inspiration from them. Life itself is also inspiring – you want to live it.

– How to get your attention?

– I will always pay attention to a person dressed in an interesting, different, fashionable way. When I start socializing, I’m always hooked on people with a sense of humor. Of course, sincerity and non-emphasis.

– What’s your favorite dish?

– There are really many of them. I adore pasta with Bolognese sauce, I really like the “Kiev” meatball.

– Favorite scent?

– Coffee.

– The best gift you received?

– I don’t want to name material gifts here, so maybe I haven’t received the biggest one yet. Today, I would call creativity, singing, the way I can realize myself as a gift.

– If there is a paradise in the world, then…

– … I live in it.

– Without what would the day lose its meaning?

– Without people. If I didn’t meet a single person during the day, it was as if the day hadn’t happened.

– How do you relax?

– No special activity is required for this – I am basically relaxed. I spend a lot of time at home, it is my oasis of relaxation. I drink coffee, do nothing, flip through my favorite magazine.

– What helps to fight negative emotions?

– I don’t like negative thoughts or emotions, I try to see the good everywhere. If in rare cases they nevertheless flood, I look for solutions or simply do not think about them, leave them aside.

– Worst habit?

– To think.

– What would you like to learn?

– I would really like to learn more about interior design, more from the technical side. I would like to try to create some interior.

I would also love to learn more new languages ​​- I’m still thinking about doing it.

– Which celebrity would you like to ask on a date?

– Singer Rihanna has been my diva since childhood. I like her even now: this singer is always herself, she does what she wants, she is relaxed, I like her music.

I think that’s why her music is so popular. I believe I would find something to talk to her about.

– If you were not who you are, what would you like to become?

– I would be an interior designer.

– Where, if not in Lithuania, would you like to live?

– I always really wanted to live in the United States of America, in New York. It was my dream. But I loved London when I lived there for a year when I was eighteen. If I imagine myself there now, I feel that this city would be close to me.

– The bravest decision?

– I think it has never happened before.

– Most memorable adventure?

– It is difficult to name one specific one. Maybe in the general sense, adventures for me are trips. I hope, and those who are still waiting. I want to travel more, we have many memorable adventures on our travels.

– What can always be found in your fridge?

– Eggs.

– Fruit or sweets?

– From Monday to Friday – fruit, on the weekend I treat myself to sweets.

– Favorite expression?

– I don’t have one, I don’t like sayings. But the first one that immediately popped into my head: “Take your time and you’ll be the first.”

– What book or movie did you remember the most?

– I am less friendly with books. One of my favorite movies is The Courtship. I like serious movies, but I also like comedies. My favorite actress, Sandra Bullock, starred in this one. She is stunning in Courtship.

– What cosmetics do you use?

– My cosmetics shelf is not very rich – face cream, cleanser. By the way, I don’t like natural cosmetics – the ones I use have to smell. I also use decorative cosmetics during performances.

– Love is…

– The best feeling.

– How should other people appreciate and remember you?

– Everyone will judge for themselves. But I would like me and my smile to be remembered with good emotions.

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