Urbonas about the LKL summer market: we are moving towards a situation like in Russia

When asked if this summer is as difficult as ever when choosing a team, Ž. Urbonas said that it is never easy.

“It is not an easy job. Roughly speaking, you are trafficking in people. It’s not the same as just going to the store and buying milk. We set high goals for ourselves and want to move up, not every basketball player passes the filter”, Ž taught. Urban.

At the moment, the people of Ute are looking at the foreign market, because they do not see any free Lithuanians on the market.

“The plan is to assemble a team as soon as possible and do it as well as possible according to the available money. We wanted to start the training camp with the full lineup, but the situation is a little different. Now we are watching foreigners, because there are no Lithuanian positions in the market that we are looking for. The time has come when we can try to buy a better player for less money.

There will be three, maybe four more newcomers. It all depends on the money and the strategy chosen by our team’s coach, who has the final say in selecting the player,” said the sports director.

The former captain of the Utena team also singled out the fact that it complicates the situation in the Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL) increased number of teams.

“We have an example ourselves – we invited Giedrias Staniulis to the team this summer, but he chose Gargždus. Also, the foreign market opened wide. Many Lithuanians go abroad to compete. When did Lithuanians play in Taiwan or something like that before? Now more and more of them are happening there,” noted Ž. Urban.

He also spoke about the increased prices of Lithuanian basketball players.

“I would say such a time is approaching, unfair and not very fair. Another player may even drive the ball hard, but wants unrealistic money. One would not want to be in a situation like in Russia – money is paid only because the player is local. But little by little, we are moving towards this situation,” one of the managers of Juventus worried.

Speaking about the work done, Ž.Urbon was happy that several key players have already been invited.

“Alex Hamilton is no match for Patrick Miller. I would like to see him in the team for the whole season. He will have the option to leave in December. You need to know that.

Žygymantas Skučas was one of our striking forces and now he is back in the team after a year off. We are happy, he is happy too. I think this is a win for our team. Martynas Gecevičius remains Gintautas Matulis remains – fun. We also expect a breakout season from Ernesto Sederevich.

Aleksas Nikolic, representative of the Serbian school, which is characterized by passion and fight in every centimeter of the field, also arrives. We signed a long-term contract with him”, reviewed Ž. Urban.

The Utena team also invited sixteen-year-old Utena player Titas Dijgalvis to their ranks.

“This is a project with the hope that he will grow up to be a real basketball player. I don’t want to say that there was no hope before that, but the possibilities of the guys that we had invited earlier were very uncertain. We imagine that Titas can reach at least the LKL level”, commented Ž. Urban.

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