USA does not issue visas: Russia expressed its “concern” to the UN chief

“None of the 56 Russian representatives in the core team and organizing group” had yet received US visas as of Thursday, he wrote in a letter to UN chief Antonio Guterres. Ambassador of Russia Vasiliy Nebenzia.

He added that a “similar situation” had arisen due to “journalists and crew members” accompanying the delegation of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

S. Lavrov’s delegation is to participate in the UN General Assembly on September 20-26.

“For the past several months, the United States authorities have consistently refused to issue visas to… Russian delegates appointed to participate in official United Nations events,” V. Nebenzia wrote. “Issuing visas is a legal obligation of the host country, not a right or a privilege.”

According to the 1947 agreement, the US cannot prevent representatives of member countries from coming to the UN headquarters in New York.

After Russia invaded Ukraine in February, the US imposed sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov, including a travel ban.

“The United States takes seriously its obligations as host country for the UN,” a State Department spokesman told AFP in a statement. He added that he would not comment on individual cases because “data on visas is confidential under US law.”

“We reiterate to the Russian mission to the UN, like all other UN missions, that the United States needs applications as soon as possible,” the spokesman said. Again, he blamed Moscow’s decision to force a reduction in visa delays US embassies In Russia, the number of employees.

A spokeswoman for Guterres told AFP he was in “close contact” with the United States over the rules under the 1947 accord.

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