USSR gold scams: people flew to Zurich for many years without knowing that they were sitting directly on gold

From 1953, in 12 years, Khrushchev sold about 3 thousand in the markets of London and Paris. tons of gold. Most of it pushed through In 1963-1964, when it spent 1244 tons of precious metal on grain bought in the West. Because in 1963 In the Soviet Union, the harvest was catastrophic – there was a storm in central Russia, Siberia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Transcaucasia – people stood in line for bread. Then 6.8 million were bought from Canada. tons of grain, from Australia – 1.8 million. tons, from the USA – 2 million tons.

Between 1953-1991 the Soviets sold 8.2 thousand on world markets. tons of “solar metal”. Most of it was eaten, the rest was spent on buying Western technology, some of it went to jewelry and the military industry. For example, during the production of the MIG-23 fighter, 512 g of gold, 69 g of platinum, and 17,183 kg of silver were used. The Russians produced about 4,000 such planes.

The Soviets spent, but at the same time increased their gold production. They peaked…

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