V. Collet was impressed by the newcomer of the Lithuanian national team

The French are in the same sledge as the Lithuanians. Both national teams lost their first matches of the championship. At the start of the tournament, the French basketball players did not have much chance against the German hosts (63:76), while ours fell against the Slovenians (85:92).

Nevertheless, in the evening training session, the future Lithuanian opponents were in good spirits, joked harshly, threw shots from the center line and did not seem to be getting over the loss to the Slovenians. But the laughs and smiles will soon disappear from the faces, 59-year-old V. Collet also emphasized that.

“Lithuania played well against the Slovenians. I think they are upset because they could have won when they had the lead late in the game. However, he did not play well at the crucial time. However, the Lithuanians were close to victory against the Slovenians, they have several new basketball players, one of them is number 9.

I forgot his last name. Ignas Brazdeikis? I think he is strong physically, Jonas Valančiūnas and Domantas Sabonis are also under the basket, and Lukas Lekavičius also played well, they are in good athletic shape. We will have to play very well in order to win,” the French praised the Lithuanians.

The coach also explained what led to the defeat of his team against the Germans.

“We played very poorly offensively. We didn’t share the ball, we didn’t use the area of ​​the pitch, it put us in a lot of bad situations in the one-on-one game. We have the talent for it, but we also have to be in good athletic shape,” V. Collet said.

On Saturday, the Lithuanians will meet Rudy Gobert, well known to everyone, under the basket. In the recent 2019 World Cup, the rules violated when the hoop was touched partly led to the Lithuanians falling to the French in the second round of the championship and not continuing the fight in the playoffs.

“I don’t think tomorrow’s fight can be called a rematch for 2019. Two good teams who always play for medals will meet. Both we and they have the same ambitions. In all championships, we meet the Lithuanians at some point, the last time we did not play against the Lithuanians was last year, because they did not qualify for the Tokyo Olympics”, said R. Gobert.

The Lithuanian-French match will start at 18:00 in Cologne on Saturday. 45 minutes Follow the progress of the match on the portal lrytas.lt.

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