V. Putin exactly repeats A. Hitler’s mistake

“How British intelligence knows this, only it knows. But there were precedents in history, and in almost the same circumstances. After the defeat of the German army near Moscow, Hitler dismissed Brauchitsch and took over the position of commander-in-chief himself. However, he realized that his education and experience were not enough, so the Chief of Staff of the OKW (German Oberkommando der Wehrmacht – the highest command of the Wehrmacht, lrytas.lt post.) Keitel also headed the entire operational command, but under the name of “Führer”. In the end, the opposite happened – the chaos in management only started to increase”, – writes A. Nesmijans.

According to him, the reason for the reorganization was Hitler’s lack of trust in the military, although they acted according to the initially impossible task set by the political leadership – that is, Hitler himself. According to the expert, in fact, due to Hitler’s own miscalculation in planning the “blitzkrieg” in conditions of complete impossibility, he was forced to take over military command.

“It’s amazing that the exact same picture can be seen now. And, as usual, at the same time. Six months after the war, Hitler removed the command of the army, and now, six months after the 24th of February, [Rusijos] the military leadership was fired. And the reason for what is happening is exactly the same – the catastrophic miscalculation of the timing and objectives of the military campaign and special operations and the failed concept of “Kyiv in three days”. In addition, the six-month long “battle for Donbass”, during which the control of the territory of the Donetsk region was never taken over – although this was one of the official goals”, says A. Nesmijans.

According to him, the only difference from “that situation”, perhaps, is that Shoigu is not formally removed from office like Brauchitsch – or sent to resign in disgrace – but rather by V. Putin himself, who leads any process with his feet like a hare , management style.

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